University Course Preparation Interview

I want to apply for this graphic design course because for the past several years, art has been a huge part of my life and over the past two years, I have become very interested in Graphic design more than any other art form.

I am hoping to expand upon the skills I already have and also learn new skills within graphic design. I also would like to give myself a good opportunity when I come to getting a job within the graphic design industry by making connections with people already in the industry through this university.

I am a confident, patient, hard working, punctual and I have a lot of willpower when it comes to lengthy and difficult tasks. I am also good at receiving and giving critical feedback and then acting upon that feedback.

My weaknesses are that I am not very good at presentations especially to large audiences, and I also have a tendency to deviate from what I was originally trying to create in the first place.

To enhance my work in my spare time I read fictional and nonfictional books to keep fueling myself with new ideas. I also run and long board twice a week on average which allows me to see events happening as they are naturally which also fuels my inspiration for new ideas.

In 5 years time I would like to be either working for a successful graphic design firm in a UK major city or preferably a major US city such as Los Angeles or New York.

My favourite piece of portfolio work up to now is definitely my most recent work which is a short animation that talks about short journeys that we make using cars and what effect these short journeys have on our world.  I like it because I had never created an animation before but I am proud of how well it turned out and how high the quality is of it for a first time animation.

My least favourite portfolio work will be either one of my drawings because I am aiming to go down the graphic design route, so anything that is fine arts based is practically irrelevant now. So I could either improve it by taking it into a digital editing software and add, take away or change something about it to make it more relevant to graphic design.

Most recently I have been working on my final piece for our final major project which is an animation based on pollution that we make from using cars and what the effects are of this pollution. And it is this project that I have enjoyed the most by far at this college because it opened up a new area to me which I had never experienced before which was animation.

I have looked at many artists over my time as an artists and a designer, but my favourite and most inspirational one will actually be a group of designers from Giant Ant studio who I looked at a lot during my last project because I simply loved their art style that they have created and used within their animations.

I used to play video games and watch tv series a fair bit but I am now more interested in the art that is involved in the creation of games and these tv series so I tend to read articles and  books that go into detail of these products and show of the concept art and the designs that people created in order to get to the end product.

My last exhibition that I enjoyed was the factory open studio weekend that I went to go look around. It showed off all the best work that the artists there had created and gave a​ ​ big variation in different art styles such as glass sculpting to photography.​


Presentaion skills

  • What makes an effective Powerpoint presentation slide? A Presentation should be informative, it should list all the key information that you want to get across and these points should also be explained thoroughly while talking. The images and the text should also be relevant towards each and what you say should tie into the slide as well. You should also show all the processes you have gone through and explain what methods we have used
  • Once your Powerpoint is completed what other preparation can you do?

Before presenting our presentations we can do some preparation to make sure the presentation doesn’t go over the time limit and that we know what to say and how to say what and when to say it. we could also practice it in front of a friend or a family member so that they can give us some feedback on how to improve our presentation. This will help improve the overall quality and our confidence. We could also write out cue cards to provide important points that we can develop upon while talking.

  • What makes a good impression when delivering your presentation?

When delivering To create a decent presentation we need to be confident, keep what you are talking about related to the slide that is currently being presented. We should also know what we want is coming next so we are always prepared as to what to say. This results in a strong presentation because you’ll be fully explaining and analysing your work to its full potential. Also, keeping eye contact with the audience also makes you look more confident because it shows that you believe that your work is good.

  • If you feel nervous presenting what techniques can you use to calm you down?I find

Taking long deep breaths before presenting your work can help ease nerves,helps you concentrate more and helps you come across as more calm. But while you’re presenting its good to concentrate on what you’re saying and the information that your planning on talking about.

  • What are your strengths when you deliver a presentation?

I feel that my presentations are my worst area and needs the most work but I’d say that my strongest point is that I usually get all the information across that is important or that I am quick and confident when it comes to answering questions.

  • What can you improve about your presentation technique?

I need to practice my presentations more before hand and also either have key phrases and facts written down on cue cards so that when  I get stuck on what to say I have something to go off.

Selling work as an Artist, Designer or Craft Person

Pop up shops:

pop up shops are small shops that are up for a small amount of time which can vary from a few hours to a few weeks or months. These stalls/shops are temporary so they have to been built and taken down every time they are re located so there is a lot of time and energy spent setting them up and taking them down. Because they are only up for a short amount of time there might not be enough time for it to be recognised and therefore not receive enough customers. The positives of using pop up shops are that they can be used for testing and experimenting whether your product will sell or not. They also give small companies that don’t have much financial backing a helping hand  and they also create a lot of hype so they can help the surrounding area such as shopping malls, centers etc.

Selling Work Online:

websites such as Etsy, Ebay, Folksy, Society6 and Notonthehighstreet are good and well respected websites for selling art work on. On Ebay anybody can upload work but you have to pay to upload multiple photos and The company takes a cut out of the money you make off the website. Etsy is purely and art selling website while Ebay could be anything but Etsy is crafts and textiles based but it is a big and well known website. Folksy is similar to Etsy but other art can be sold as well and it is UK based but it’s smaller then Etsy. Notonthehighstreet is a high quality shop which is good for buyers but the website is invite only so only a select few can sell their work on it.

Photo Libraries:

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of photo library websites but Alamy is one of the biggest most respected photo library websites. With these websites you can upload your photos of anything, give it tags so that people can find you images, and then people can purchase your photos for their, websites, magazine, presentation etc. The money that they spend on your photo is split between you (the uploader) and the company owns the website that you uploaded to. The problem with photo libraries is that there are millions of other photos on these websites so the odds of your photo being bought are quite small. but this also means there is a wide audience to sell your work to and if your work is very high quality then the chances of it being bought are a lot higher.

Own Website shop:

When making your own website you have to consider a few factors such as logo, color scheme, style, textures, layout, font (legibility and size)

Pricing work:

When pricing your work you have to consider  few things to make sure you don’t lose money when selling your art. You have to think about the money spent on materials, Studio/space, labour time and overhead costs. Overhead costs can be things such as gas, to heat the studio, electricity to power the lights, and other things that are involved in the creative process. You also have to consider where you are selling your work. Galleries can take 40% or more of the money that you make on your work as commission for selling it in their gallery. If you’re selling it on your own website you have to consider how much it costs for the website domain and the internet costs for uploading, but that could go under overhead costs.


Emma Lonsdale:

Emma Lonsdale is an artists who works from home who makes quirky paintings and patterns using her original paintings as her main starting point.

She uses bits of newspapers, magazines and layers of blocked colors using paints and spray cans to make parts of her work and also colors out the lines.

Emma Lonsdale is also on Notonthehighstreet





Progression Routes


To progress through a college route I could either apply for a foundation course or do a different level 3 course. These course are available here at Kendall college or at any other colleges within the area. To apply for these courses I’d have to meet the entry requirements which can vary depending on the course and I’d have to attend an induction day. There are a few positives about taking this option for example I’d be able to progress onto university and i’ll have a diploma in that course. The negative about doing a course in art is that the jobs are limited in the art industry with just a diploma.


Going down an apprenticeship route would mean working 4 days with employer and then 1 day in college, also, progression into an a apprenticeship would mean being learning in the work environment while earning a low income. Apprenticeships are advertised through the apprenticeship website so they are available there, but to register for an apprenticeship you’ll need to register on the apprenticeship website, submit an application and also include a  personnel statement. You’ll need to have several personal attributes to be ideal for apprenticeships such as being passionate about your subject, punctual, professional, use initiative and be trustworthy.


Going to university would involve going into a higher level of education by undertaking a degree that’ll last from 2-3 years. Different degrees and universities can be found through their websites the Ucas website or by uni prospectus. to get to university you’d need to complete a Ucas application, up to 5 courses and the application must include a personal statement. To go to university you’ll need to be Punctual, Motivated/self-driven, dedicated and hardworking. The positives of going to University are that you’ll receive a degree by the end of the course, learn to live independently and you’ll make connections by making friends with people within the university. but the negatives are that it costs a lot of money and you have to get a loan, its 2-4 more years in education and not working and making money.


Going into employment would mean getting a part time or full time job and making a living. Jobs can be found at the job center and through various websites that advertise various jobs, or through an employer. To apply for a job you’ll need a CV and a covering letter to send to the employer. To have a job you’ll need to be Trustworthy, be initiative, be able to make decisions and have good timekeeping skills. The positives of working are that you’re earning money straight away and you could be learning new skills while working. But the negatives are that you might not start on a very high wage compared to a job that requires a degree, and you’ll have to work your way up the employment ladder to earn more money.

photo (2)



  1. I made this piece during a 6 week project about Modern Day Icons. Freddie Mercury was my chosen icon and I based the design around the Constructivist art movement that originated in Russia 1919. I used a screen printing method to create the image of Freddie Mercury and then used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the rest of the art work and to bring it all together.


2. This was one of my first ever pieces during my art course. Our college was given the task to create the promotional media for the Northern Exposure Short Film Competition and this was my entry. I only used Photoshop for this piece and used a very limited color scheme along with quite basic shapes and layers to try keep a simplistic feel to the poster and to not make it too overwhelming.

3. The three images below are a few examples of test logos that I created. Our art course was asked to create the promotional branding and social media content for our end of year art exhibition. So I made a A2 sheet of different brush marks and different prints from different objects such as palate knifes, cardboard, cutlery etc. I then scanned the print and selected the area I wanted. Then edited the print in Photoshop, changing things such as saturation, contrasts and white balance levels to get the effect I wanted. I then placed a layer of text over the top using a font called “Lemon Milk”.  The second example happened to be the logo that we chose to use to develop further and eventually use in the exhibition branding.2Untitled-3


4. This Long board is the outcome of my FMP project which was our end of year project essentially. I used inks for this piece, fine liners and a long board which I sanded down to give me a clean canvas to work with. I tested with a variation of colors and stencils to get to this final outcome. I wanted to create something bright, bold and just something that caught peoples attention so I used vibrant colors and sharp edges to give off the effect that I desired.IMG_2463

5. This drawing was something I made in my spare time during my first year at Art college. During that time I was into sci-fi and fictional soldiers so I drew a helmet of one of the characters from a game that I used to play when I was younger called halo. I used graphite pencils on an A3 piece of paper to create this drawing. Before going into graphic design I loved creating drawings like these of whatever I was watching, reading or doing at the time.


6. I made this print during an etching workshop where we were given sheets of very thin metallic foil that was backed onto card to create prints. At the time we were making art work for an event that was celebrating the Comics Art Festival in Kendal so I create this A5 piece of the Joker using simple etching tools, a scalpel and black ink. cyrsis-2-helmet

7. The piece above is another piece I did during my spare time using graphic paint pens. I chose to make this piece to experiment which different medias as I was wanting to move away from pencils . Even though its not my best work of art, I was really happy with the outcome for my first piece using these piece

8. This is the Final outcome for a project that I did during my second year on my level 3 Art and Design course. I used a variation of printing techniques using different materials and methods to create two prints that can be seen in the piece. I also used Photoshop to edit some images and to bring the whole thing together.2

9.This is a test piece I created for a project during my second year of  my Level 3 Art and Design course. I took a movie still from the film “Drive” and highlighted the areas that I wanted to show using mono printing. I then took a scan of it and then added all the colors and shapes using Photoshop. 01

10. This is the Final outcome of a graphic design workshop I participated in. The theme of the workshop was based on the graphic design artists Craig and Karl and this is my interpretation of their art style using and image of Samuel L. Jackson from the movie “Pulp Fiction” which I mostly used Illustrator to create. IMG_2464

11. I also made this piece during my spare time. This is a more recent drawing that I drew earlier this year and the drawing is of a character called “Penguin” from the Gotham T.V show. I only used graphite pencils for the drawing on A3 paper


12. These four pieces are four of my favorite pieces of work that I have made during my art course. I used a laser cutter to cut out stencils of the animals footprints, then took images of those actual animals and then took a photo of them using a photo gram method. Each Photo took about 4-6 seconds of light for the photo paper to pick up enough light so that the detail of the animals can be seen but not enough light that it got picked up through the paper of the stencils and therefore ruining the photos.

Reference images and links:

(Midnight Movies) Drive and Bridesmaids Reviews,