University Course Preparation Interview

I want to apply for this graphic design course because for the past several years, art has been a huge part of my life and over the past two years, I have become very interested in Graphic design more than any other art form.

I am hoping to expand upon the skills I already have and also learn new skills within graphic design. I also would like to give myself a good opportunity when I come to getting a job within the graphic design industry by making connections with people already in the industry through this university.

I am a confident, patient, hard working, punctual and I have a lot of willpower when it comes to lengthy and difficult tasks. I am also good at receiving and giving critical feedback and then acting upon that feedback.

My weaknesses are that I am not very good at presentations especially to large audiences, and I also have a tendency to deviate from what I was originally trying to create in the first place.

To enhance my work in my spare time I read fictional and nonfictional books to keep fueling myself with new ideas. I also run and long board twice a week on average which allows me to see events happening as they are naturally which also fuels my inspiration for new ideas.

In 5 years time I would like to be either working for a successful graphic design firm in a UK major city or preferably a major US city such as Los Angeles or New York.

My favourite piece of portfolio work up to now is definitely my most recent work which is a short animation that talks about short journeys that we make using cars and what effect these short journeys have on our world.  I like it because I had never created an animation before but I am proud of how well it turned out and how high the quality is of it for a first time animation.

My least favourite portfolio work will be either one of my drawings because I am aiming to go down the graphic design route, so anything that is fine arts based is practically irrelevant now. So I could either improve it by taking it into a digital editing software and add, take away or change something about it to make it more relevant to graphic design.

Most recently I have been working on my final piece for our final major project which is an animation based on pollution that we make from using cars and what the effects are of this pollution. And it is this project that I have enjoyed the most by far at this college because it opened up a new area to me which I had never experienced before which was animation.

I have looked at many artists over my time as an artists and a designer, but my favourite and most inspirational one will actually be a group of designers from Giant Ant studio who I looked at a lot during my last project because I simply loved their art style that they have created and used within their animations.

I used to play video games and watch tv series a fair bit but I am now more interested in the art that is involved in the creation of games and these tv series so I tend to read articles and  books that go into detail of these products and show of the concept art and the designs that people created in order to get to the end product.

My last exhibition that I enjoyed was the factory open studio weekend that I went to go look around. It showed off all the best work that the artists there had created and gave a​ ​ big variation in different art styles such as glass sculpting to photography.​



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