Presentaion skills

  • What makes an effective Powerpoint presentation slide? A Presentation should be informative, it should list all the key information that you want to get across and these points should also be explained thoroughly while talking. The images and the text should also be relevant towards each and what you say should tie into the slide as well. You should also show all the processes you have gone through and explain what methods we have used
  • Once your Powerpoint is completed what other preparation can you do?

Before presenting our presentations we can do some preparation to make sure the presentation doesn’t go over the time limit and that we know what to say and how to say what and when to say it. we could also practice it in front of a friend or a family member so that they can give us some feedback on how to improve our presentation. This will help improve the overall quality and our confidence. We could also write out cue cards to provide important points that we can develop upon while talking.

  • What makes a good impression when delivering your presentation?

When delivering To create a decent presentation we need to be confident, keep what you are talking about related to the slide that is currently being presented. We should also know what we want is coming next so we are always prepared as to what to say. This results in a strong presentation because you’ll be fully explaining and analysing your work to its full potential. Also, keeping eye contact with the audience also makes you look more confident because it shows that you believe that your work is good.

  • If you feel nervous presenting what techniques can you use to calm you down?I find

Taking long deep breaths before presenting your work can help ease nerves,helps you concentrate more and helps you come across as more calm. But while you’re presenting its good to concentrate on what you’re saying and the information that your planning on talking about.

  • What are your strengths when you deliver a presentation?

I feel that my presentations are my worst area and needs the most work but I’d say that my strongest point is that I usually get all the information across that is important or that I am quick and confident when it comes to answering questions.

  • What can you improve about your presentation technique?

I need to practice my presentations more before hand and also either have key phrases and facts written down on cue cards so that when  I get stuck on what to say I have something to go off.



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