Exhibition Space Planning and Outcome

This is my exhibition space that I made for our end of year exhibition for the 9th of June.

I used a cut-out that was in the board where I had a mac placed which has my animation title and short animation. Instead of putting in some of the other still pieces that I made I decided just to have a set of text which has one of the facts from one of the still pieces.

I’m happy with the final look of my exhibition but if I had more time to spend on it then i would have liked to add a bit more to it. For example I would have liked to back the text with a material to make it stick out from the board which I think could have made my space stand out more and look much more interesting.

Also, If I knew I was going to just have an animation in my exhibition, as I originally wanted to have multiple pieces then I would have worked solely on the animation and nothing else and then I could have had a minute or longer animation which would have been more impressive.

But it’s good that I have all these still pieces because it helps show my decision process and the path I took to the end point.IMG_3912IMG_3908IMG_3909



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