Ocean and City Scape pieces

These three pieces are the-the second part of the whole environment-themed animation that I was planning on making. For each of the scenes that I am creating, I have a fact to go along with it in some form. For these two scenes, I wanted it to go from an iceberg to a plain ocean scene to a flooded cityscape scene and then a not flooded one which I showed on my storyboard.

I pretty much use the same elements in all of the scenes after the iceberg scene because in the making of the iceberg scene I was asking for feedback on textures of the sky, clouds, oceans and I was asking for opinions and feedback on the fonts, text size, positioning and so on. So I felt like I had already had things how they needed to be so I kept them the same and it also meant there is a recurring theme throughout all the scenes.

Originally I wanted to have the text that is in the first scene below on the iceberg and the next on the iceberg here but quite a lot of the feedback mentioned that it would make more sense to switch them around which I agreed with. I also did the same thing with the fading font as it goes down as I did in the previous still piece as I think it gives it a good effect so I kept that as well.blue sample

In the next scene is the cityscape which I created by taking an image of the London cityscape and using image trace in Illustrator to simplify the image and took make it fit in better with my overall theme. I then took that image and placed it behind the ocean surface image, in front of the actual ocean but left it behind a layer which I used to make the ocean look darker at the bottom but lighter at the top. That layer is basically just a black to white gradient but I faded it massively and applied an effect to it in Photoshop so that it did not cover everything up.2

The next scene is just the same scene without the ocean but I added another set of cityscape under the original so that there was not an empty space below the skyscrapers. I tried keeping the black to white gradient layer over it but it made the bottom and mid section far too dark and after getting the opinions of my tutors who agreed with me, I left it without that layer.

These scenes were by far the fastest ones to make as I already had most of the complicated parts made up such as the clouds, sky, ocean, other textures’ and color scheme. But even though they did not take long to make, I am still pleased with how they turned out and especially the cityscape. This is because all the details in the buildings are still there but it still has been simplified down to a level where it fits in very well with the art style of the whole series of still pieces.

Next, I want to create the cyclist scene and/or animate the title screen along with the iceberg scene plus these three scenes here and possibly the cyclists scene. I want to do this because previously I did a lot of work using Flash the animation software but I am not going to be using those animations in my final work so I would like to animate these scenes and put my new found animating skills to use and it would also be a good contribution to the exhibition space.city scapeasd



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