Car Fumes scene

This is another piece I made after making my storyboard but this scene would go after the car scenes that I made quite a bit ago but just before the iceberg scene which I created and blogged recently.

Again I used the same basic elements as the car scenes that I had already made such as the clouds, the sun, sky, mountains, foliage and the same car, although I added a different color to add and a new texture that I felt worked better with this scene but it kind of ruined the link between the two scenes. I also used the same font that I used in UK  map piece because it works quite well within the fumes like it did with the clouds.

Out of all the scenes that I have made so far, this one is my least favorite. This is because I do not like the way the text sits in the fumes and this is because there is too much text within it and it should act more gas like which I could have done by arranging them rougher and messier instead of simple flat lines.

I also dislike the look of the car. The texture and colors are too different from the textures and colors from the previous car scene and I attempted to make the edges softer of the car but I ended going from too sharp to too soft in my opinion. I could have avoided this by making the eraser that I used harder to give it nicer edges and also use the pen tool instead to give the edge a much neater flow to them.

I dislike the merge from the foliage to the road as well. the merge from the two should be a lot quicker or I should have used another, smaller layer of grass to make the merge a lot more natural looking. But I actually like the look o

But I actually like the look of the foliage its self just not the lower part of it and I also like the background of it as I do with all the still pieces that I have made. I also like the way the mountains turned out in both car pieces as well as the fumes that I made but not the text that is within it.

When it comes to the exhibition I’ll leave this piece out of the mix as I think it ruins but I’ll get feedback first before I make my decision. car fumes correct dimensions



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