1st Part Final piece

I recently received feedback from Neil Corrigan at Creative Lakes and we talked about my project and what he thought I could do to improve it. My initial ideas were to focus more on the money aspect of driving but we talked about other ways of getting my message across and talked about how the most effective way is to make people feel guilty. So we talked about how I could accomplish that and decided that showing the environmental effects would be effective. After this discussion, I decided to create stills based around melting ice caps and that’s what the animation and most of the stills are about.

I  started off with an ice caps scene where there is a lone ice cap which has the fact written on the submerged part of it. I used an image which is down below to create the ocean but I added a gradient to it to give it  dark and deep look to it which I liked to effect of. I made the icebergs using photoshop tools and textures that I had made myself. the clouds, the sky, and the sun are the same throughout the animation and all the still pieces so there is some similarity in them.

I like my choice of colors over the course of the animation which is a variation of blues. The reason I chose to use these colors is because the ocean and the sky take up a huge portion of the still pieces and the animations and I stuck to a limited color palate because I feel this gives a much more calm feel to it. the outlines of the upper part of the iceberg are nice and sharp to give that icy look to them.  But with the submerged part I faded the edges so because it’s all underwater so the fuzzy feel makes it more of a submerged effect. I also like the whole combination of the clouds, sky, and the sun as the sun has a very similar gradient style but it uses brighter tones so it’s obvious that it’s the sun also the pattern goes vertical while the sky is horizontal which helps prevent them from merging and looking similar. the clouds were inspired Giant Ants “Kick Plastic” art style which I have an image of below. I was not inspired by their use of colors but instead the shading style which uses a massive amount of lines and I took this style and created my own textures and applied them to the clouds which ended up looking really good so I kept them like that and used them throughout the final pieces.

I also really like the ocean surface which separates the page really well and looks good in the process. originally the image of the ocean surface was a lot taller but by simple bringing that down it gave it a much more depth look. I also used an eraser tool on the bottom of the ocean surface to make it look more choppy because if it was just a simple clean edge it could’ve looked really odd.

I also like my use of font on the text as the rough effect on it makes its look quite icy and cold which works well throughout all scenes which are why I use it for all scenes. But as the text goes on, I have lowered the opacity of the text gradually to make it look darker and give the ocean a  depth feel.

ice capsblue samplesurface_smGiant ant Kick plastic concept art 3



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