UK development pieces

After creating the previous pieces which involved the car scene within a map of the UK I decided to create a design that was just focused on the map of the UK but in the style of Elliot Lim which I have an image of below.

I wanted to take the layers style he has on the map which he uses on the land and sea areas, Although I went into a bit more detail with my version of it.Elliot Lim SS 2

I first started of by taking an image of the uk, cropping it down to the area that I wanted and then split it up into different sections. I shaded the different sections from a very dark grey to a lighter one so that I could easily place a color behind them and then change the opacity of the gray colors to change the whole image which is what I did. I then went onto experimenting with colors tones for the background and the UK all the while asking for several people’s opinions on all the different textures colors and shades I should use. Below is just eight out of 50+ variations that I had after all the experimenting and feedback that I did.

After all the feedback I came up with this look which is the first image below which I has very happy with. After finishing that I went onto adding clouds which proved more difficult than I’d thought it’d be. I added to layers of faded white to give a depthed cloud look and then took an rough eraser tool to make the edges of the clouds look more cloud like. I also experimented with different textures for the ocean and the clouds. For the clouds I instantly found texture which worked well which was one of the pencil textures that I had. But it took a lot of experimenting and feedback from tutors and classmates to find a texture that worked well. From the beginning also had a black grid over everything but after some feedback and looking back at elliot Lim’s work I decided to change the color and the opacity of the grid to make it blend in more and look more map like.

Uk test piece9Uk test piece10Uk test piece11Uk test piece12Uk test piece13Uk test piece14.png

The image above is the final outcome of the uk map until I went onto experimenting further which I ended up scrapping later on in the project.

I moved onto a new idea which I had which was to have planes like the Red Arrows fly across the screen leaving a trail behind them which would have the fact for this scene written within it. This part of the piece was the most time consuming as I failed to find a look which I was happy with which is what resulted me getting rid of the trail idea in the end. below I added a few outcomes that I came with and after each change I asked and received feedback which i made changes based off.

Uk test piece15Untitled-17.pngUntitled-19Untitled-18

In the end I was happy with the look of the trail but I felt like the map of the UK should be the focus of the piece so overall I wasn’t happy with the outcome so far.

But if we go back to the designs before I added the trails I am very happy with that outcome. The lines of the map are smooth and bold. The textures improve the look of everything that I have applied them to and the use of colors is nice too as the darker green contrasts against the slightly faded blue of the ocean. This makes the map of the UK stand out more and look bolder which puts it into focus which is exactly what I wanted.

The only thing I would like to change is the way I erased the edges of the clouds as I never rotated the eraser which made the edges of the clouds look like repeat pattern all the edges look similar which doesn’t happen naturally. But apart from that I am happy with it




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