Title Screen Animation

For my exhibition I am planning on having two animations and several still pieces which show of the concept of my animation. one of those animations is going to be the title screen and that animation is just down below. I experimented using different methods to create this piece. I attempted at using After Effects first but I soon gave up there as I had zero experience with the software so i gave up and moved on. I tried using photoshop solely next which ended up going very slow as I had to apply effects to layers individually and there were a lot of layers, but the main problem was exporting it which proved impossible so I had find a new software. So I resorted to Adobe Flash which turned out to be perfect for what I wanted. Flash gave me more options for effects than Photoshop and it also allowed me to make detailed changes in timing and positioning which I wasn’t able to do in photoshop. It also allowed me to export it smoothly which was the key part.

To create the piece I used a few different elements. For the background I used a texture that I made using printing method with taglio ink. I took the texture, gave it the Overlay effect within photoshop and then used a blue as a backing color. The blue color is the same color that I used in a previous piece which I have an image of below. I used the blue that I used in the mountains of that image and I also used that blue color in all of the following pieces apart from the “UK Map” piece so that there was a running color scheme in all the pieces which. I also created a black border for this piece which is hardly noticeable but it makes it look far better than without it. I used a black color with the paintbrush on full opacity but brought the hardness down to 0% and drew a line around the whole border. I really liked the effect it left as it helps darken the background but it left the title as it was so it put more focus on the title which is the result I was looking for. The title was pretty simple to make but the hard part was just getting the timing right. I also had an animation go along in front of the car at first but after receiving some feedback I realized that the whole message of my animation is to get people to use cars less and the car in the title screen would have put across the wrong message.

Overall I am quite happy with the outcome of the animation. The cyclists riding along really works well the textures within the text and the background look good but I do feel the background texture is a bit too different compared to the rest of the concept art but according to feedback it looks very good so I am leaving it as it is. Another thing that I thought looked a bit of is the brightness of the white part of the text. As I look at it now I am starting to feel that it is too bright but after I asked people about it and showed them this animation and one with a darker option they all said that the brighter version was better so I am leaving it as it is

Untitled-4finished sample 5

These images below are some of the different designs that I came up with for the title. I created all of these design and then asked my tutors and classmates out of all of them which background looks best and which one has the best text. people prefered the text that had the lines through them the most but my tutor suggested turning it into an animation where cyclists rode past which is what I did and once I had done that everybody preferred that choice out of all of them.





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