Initial Final/Test Piece

This is the first piece that I created after my meeting with Neil Corrigan where we talked about changing the theme of my animation and i decided to base my designs around rising sea waters.  I took several images, cropped them and edited them to give me the effect that I wanted. I also created my own color scheme using Adobe Kuler.

In the end I didn’t use this piece because I went onto create the other still pieces which looked far better. but I went onto creating those other pieces because after I finished this piece I asked for feedback from my tutors and after talking about the design we came up with a much better way to symbolize melting water which was to create a melting iceberg.

I was quite happy with the outcome of this piece but it just did not fit in with the rest of the final pieces or animations.

To create the drifting ice I took the image below and used the magic wand to delete all the ocean that was surrounding the ice pieces. I then selected all the ice and colored them all in using the light blue color I had acquired from the color palate I created. To make the land in the foreground I took the foreground from one of the images below by cropping it down. I then selected all the darker parts and replaced them with a dark blue color and deleted the rest of the area and replaced it with a less darker blue and a texture which I made myself. To create the bear I took the original image, image traced it with illustrator and then exported it over to photoshop where I reduced the opacity and made the edges less sharp using the eraser tool which ended making it look worse in my opinion.

Overall I like the piece apart from the foreground land and the bear as the ground doesn’t fit in well against the ice/ocean as the texture is a bit too harsh. I do not like the bear and its cub as they stick out too much as well but I think that by changing the white areas to a very light blue would improve caps pieceBrooksRangeUntitledarticle-2046319-0E41675000000578-369_964x642polar bear



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