Story board for final piece

After getting a lot of feedback on my original ideas and pieces that I had already created, I decided to create a storyboard for my new concept. Some things are staying the same but most of the animation will be changed. First, I created a rough draft of a storyboard that went into very little detail about how the animation will look or how it will be animated. Once I created the first draft I went onto making a neater version and a more in depth storyboard.story board part 1story board part 2story board part 3

The images above show the original rough draft while the all the images below show the final version. I want the animation to start off on a dark screen to fade into a less dark scene where the title “From A to B” where the textures will also be animated. Next, it will simply change text from the title to a set of text which will tell the first fact of the animation. Then, the text and background will go into a dark screen and will be replaced by a road and a house. Out of the house, a car will pull out and start driving along the road while the camera follows it. As the car is driving along a thick red line will leave a trail behind the car and that is where the next set of text will be on. This will be the second fact and it will simply state what a short journey is. Next, the camera will zoom out to show the whole path that that car took but it will also keep zooming out until it shows the whole UK. The next fact will then be written in the trail of a plane which will fly across the screen and this fact will be saying what our short journeys add up to add what kind of car journey that is equivalent to. Next, the scene will pan in on a mountain road scene where a car is driving along. While the car will be pumping out fumes which the camera will slightly zoom in on and this is where the next fact will be. The text will be pumped out of the exhaust and will flow into the fumes and this fact will state how much pollution we actually create while driving. The car will then drive off and the fumes will disperse just leaving the mountain scape in view. The mountainscapes will then transform into an ocean scene with an iceberg at the focus of attention. The iceberg and the ocean will be animated but on the submerged part of the iceberg will be the next fact which will state that Greenland and Antarctica contain enough water to raise sea levels by 75 meters. The reason I wanted to use an iceberg is because it’s a good way to show that ice caps are melting as it shows that it’s all breaking/falling apart. it’s also a good midway point between mountainscapes and the next scenes. The next scene is quite simple, the iceberg melts/fades away while the ocean levels rise which in my opinion is a good way to represent what is happening. in the empty ocean I will have another set of next animated in which will say how fast the ice caps have been metling. Next the sea levels will lower a bit and a cityscape will fade in to represent what will happen if we keep polluting. The fact that will be written in the ocea will state how long it will take to get things as bad as they look in the animation. next the sea levels will completely recide and the scene will change to a suburban street that shows cyclsits riding by which is meant to show a better alternative to using the car for short journeys. The camera will then pan round the back of the cyclist and watch the cyclist ride of into the distance and as he does the screen will slowly fade to the outro which will have the final set of text which says how we can stop using cars for short journeys and walk, cycle or use public transport instead.story board part 4story board part 5story board part 6story board part 7



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