Exhibition Project Brief

The aim of this project is to create our final work and plan out our own exhibition space in time for the private viewing and exhibition on thursday the 9th of June. Our work will be informed by the research and the development work we did during our previous projects. I hope to develop and refine my skills in the digital softwares of adobe Photoshop and Flash as I will be using these two softwares to create and animate my artwork.

Once we have created the final work we are getting the opportunity to build and design our exhibition spaces however we wish to present it to optimize the experience which will be great experience for us all.

The deadline is on the 15th of June 4pm and for this deadline all blog work needs to be submitted which has to have all of our work and our final evaluation on it.

                                 UAL Awarding Body

Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art & Design


Assignment Title

FMP – Exhibition

Unit No & Title

Unit 13 – Project proposal and realisation in Art & Design

Level & Credit Value

Level 3, 180GLH

Assignment Leader

Mike Howard

Assignment Verifier

Sorrel Stratford

Start Date


Interim Assessment/Peer Review


Assessment Date


Learning Outcomes: At the end of the project brief the learner will

4. Be able to plan, organise and produce an art & design project.

5. Be able to use prcatical methods and skills in an art & design project.

6. Be able to use evaluative and reflective skills in an art & design project.

7. Be able to present an art & design project.


The aim of Exhibition brief is for you to produce your final artwork and plan and create your exhibition space in preparation for the private view and exhibition opening on Thursday 9th June.

Your final work should be informed by your samples and test pieces and the research you have done within the previous projects. You will spend the next three weeks working within your specialist workshop to create your final work with support from tutors and technicians, use your time effectively to produce high quality artwork that you are proud of.

You will also be required to consider how your work can be best displayed to maximise the experience for the intended audience, you will be given an exhibition space that you will need to produce designs for. Following on from this you will also be involved in the building of the exhibition which should be documented on your blog.

What is required for the Exhibition Brief –

  • Plan for your final piece following feedback.
  • Step-by-step blog post documenting creation of your final work.
  • Design plan for your exhibition space.
  • Final artwork, completed ready to exhibit (Wed 25th May)
  • Exhibition space, painted with name tag and artwork statement.
  • Health & Safety post’s to demonstrate safe working practice throughout.
  • Project evaluation.
  • Completed blog and sketchbook.
  • Final presentation.

Each week you will have a tutorial slot with Mike or Amy to discuss the progress you have made and set targets to work towards.  Throughout the project you will need to evidence all the work you do on WordPress with the category FMP. You will need to show you understand how to work safely, recording health & safety related to the workshops you have taken part in.

For the final assessment you will be required to plan, structure and deliver a project presentation to a small group, using Powerpoint or Prezi the week beginning Monday 13th June. The deadline for your blog is Wednesday 15th June @4pm, any work submitted after this time will not go towards your final grade.

Suggested Research (include visits /reading lists / websites etc)


Assessment Guidance: 

Within this project you will produce an exciting, creative piece of artwork based on a subject of your choice. As a group we will explore techniques to develop ideas and samples and you will get the opportunity to develop individual ideas which will be presented within your final presentation.

Assessment Criteria



4.1 Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and produce a personal self-directed art and design project within an agreed time-frame.


  • You will be required to produce weekly, detailed plans that reflect on the previous weeks learning, setting targets that challenge and push your project forward.

5.1 Demonstrate the application of practical methods and skills in the realisation of a personal self-directed project.


  • You will need to use your understanding of practical processes to develop your design ideas, making use of specialist workshops and techniques. Your final artwork should visually communicate a message to the intended audience.
  • Gather feedback on the work you generate and use it to refine and develop your work further. Any evidence of meetings or discussions should be blogged.

6.1 Maintain evaluative and reflective records of the development of a personal self-directed art & design project.


  • You will be required to record all the work you produce within your blog, all practical work done in the creation of your final piece will need to be annotated, analysing the work you have produced.
  • Any additional samples or outcomes should be kept in your sketchbook to document the range of work created.
  • All tutorials, feedback and personal targets should be posted onto your blog.

6.2 Use evaluative and reflective skills to make decisions for a personal self-directed art and design project


  • You will be required to write a detailed project evaluation that reflects on the skills you have learnt and the decisions made that have enabled you to produce your final artwork.

7.1 Explore strategies to present a personal self-directed art and design project.


  • You will be required produce a post about your exhibition space that records it’s location and size.
  • You will need generate a range of ideas that show you have considered strategies for displaying your work. These may be informed by recent exhibition visits.
  • You will need to contribute towards the building of the exhibition within small groups, the overall exhibition build should be recorded on your blog.

7.2 Present a personal self-directed art and design project to a specified audience.


  • You will be required to present your final artwork within your completed exhibition space for the private view on Thursday 9th June.
  • Your space should include an artist statement informing visitors to the exhibition about your personal project.
  • For the final assessment you will be required to deliver a project presentation discussing your project overall.


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