Creative Arts Feedback

Today I went to visit Neil Corrigan at Creative Lakes in Kendal who works in business marketing such as logos, business cards, websites and film. I talked to him about my ideas so far for my concept and showed him the most recent designs that I have come up with so far.

We talked a lot about the message that I am trying to portray and how I should go about it. He mentioned that I should source where I got the facts that I use from so that my work will have more credibility and that it will also make my work more professional. After I explained the concept of the animation he then went on to describing how I could make my work more effective. He said that using a guilt element in my work will be effective. At the moment, I have made any plans to show any scenes where we show the effects that making these short journeys such as melting ice caps where polar bears and arctic penguins are affected. He also said that if I want to portray a more negative feeling and a sense of guilt then I could tone down the colors because I currently have very vibrant colors in my work so far, especially in the two pieces which I have included down below.

We also came up with the idea that I could split my exhibition into three parts. One section could focus on the environment effects of short journeys, one could be about the economy and the third about Health. I really like this idea but I am not sure if I would have enough time to get all three sections done. I am definitely going to create more work that shows the damages to the environment more.



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