Test Pieces/Final Pieces

These pieces are my first test pieces that closely represent what I want the final pieces to look like. I have experimented enough with textures, layouts and imagery to know what works well  and what doesn’t. All I need to do next is create my own watercolor textures instead of using textures from online unless there are no problems in using online textures. I would like to create a short animation at some point of one of these scenes to show how the textures, clouds, the car and the scenery would be animated even if I just create one animation it could be really effective.

There are a few things that I need to make changes to these test pieces or to experiment within the next pieces. I want to experiment more with shadows in the blue piece. I want to do this because this is the main thing people mentioned when I asked them for feedback. But more specifically one person mentioned that the plants in the second piece are flat and that I could try experimenting with toning down the surrounding colors and add some tonal work and shadows into the plants to give it more depth. I quite like the flat look as it keeps it simple and I just simply like that effect but in the next piece I’ll include the foliage again but this time I will add a layer of shadows over the plants and if the feedback is generally negative about the shadowy effect then I will simply take the layer away.

I used a variation of textures for these pieces and all of these textures that I used are below the test pieces. I also used a few images but I took those images, placed them over a light box and then created a trace of the parts that I wanted and these traces are also below the test pieces. I created traces of the cars that I wanted to use but the outcome was awful as all the lines were wavy and some as artificial as a car has to be perfect, as in all the lines have to be straight and curves all symmetrical. So instead of trying to create a perfect trace which would involve using compasses and rulers and a whole lot of time, I took the images of the cars and then image traced them in Illustrator. I then played around with the amount of detail that the image trace gave me so that I had the outline of the car but enough white space to play around with colors and textures.

The first piece of the two was a piece that was meant to be closely styled in the art style of Giant Ants’s “Kick Plastic” animation  which I have images/screenshots of at the end of this blog post. I did not want to create a design that completely copied their style so in the second piece I decided that I would try to do something different and create a blue color palate instead of the pinky red colors that Giant Ant used.

Overall I am happy with these pieces. I like the colors that I have used in both of them because there is a limited amount of different colors and I like that element of simplicity which I think a limited color palate adds to. there were a few problems that I had to fix during the making of the pieces. For example in the first one I had the landscape next to the roads as a blank pink color which most people did not like so I added a new texture to it and the same thing happened with the road. I did not plan on having the signs in the piece but after some feedback from my tutor who said that the piece needed to have more in the foreground such as foliage. I compromised and placed the signs in the middle ground which made a whole world of difference and once I had added the shadows as well, it looked even better.

I am happy with the composition of both pieces but the feedback about the second pieces composition was generally aimed at the grass layers. I am probably going to start from scratch with the grass layers even though it did take roughly just under an hour to make, I still rushed it. I also think I have a good idea of how to improve it which I will test out soon.

finished sample 3finished sample 5highwaymountains

Giant ant Kick plastic concept artGiant ant Kick plastic concept art 4Giant ant Kick plastic concept art 3Giant ant Kick plastic concept art 2



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