Test Pieces of Scene Still

I made these test pieces after looking more into the art style of the “Kick Plastic” animation. After looking closer I noticed how they made their textures and to me, it looked like they used crayons and pencils in a hatched style to make them. So I went and create several textures of my own. Giant ant Kick plastic concept art 2Giant ant Kick plastic concept art 3Giant ant Kick plastic concept art 4textures (@2)Textures (3)I then created a template image using a lightbox and several secondary images from the internet. I took a normal image of a car from the internet and then used as tracing reference using a light box. I then used my trace of the car in my test piece and I did this because, in the original image of the car, there were a lot of elements of the car that I did not want to use or to have visible. So by tracing the image I had the option to leave out any sections or details that I did not want.clean car+UKIn the first test piece, I had not made the textures but I only had one which I used on the wheels. The first test piece is a very basic image and the outcome was terrible in my opinion although I do like my choice of colors on the map of the UK and sea. I did not like how there are almost no textures and I also disliked the way the cityscape silhouette looks. The car also needed to be more interesting as well. So in the next test pieces, I created the textures and gathered some secondary textures which I could also use.car+UKsea_water_foam_2_20131007_1194081074

I applied the textures that I had made too many different parts of the car such as all the windows, wheels and part of the car body. I was quite happy with the look of the car after applying all the textures and the colors. I also liked the look of the water texture that I applied to the ocean but it was difficult finding a color scheme that made everything work well together. With the background I played a lot with the different overlays I could apply to the layer and in all the images to can see massive changes in visibility, colors, tones, contrasting areas and change in textures. Concept art P2Concept art P6cloudy_blue_with_lighting_by_paulinemoss-d5mc9vm (2)cloudy_texture_12_by_ohsallysfever-d58ixvy (2)

These six test pieces below are some of my favorites out of the 30+ samples I had originally. Although the background in the first one is a bit too extreme and I definitely will not be using it in my final concept pieces but I do like the look of it.

I then went onto playing around with different textures and implementing clouds and streets views of New York to put behind the cityscape but nothing seemed to look good enough.Concept art P9Concept art P15Concept art P16Concept art P19Concept art P20Concept art P22

I like the look of the car but it is still too bland so I either need to experiment with different colors and different and more textures. I need to get my own image of a car, as well as I do not want to use a secondary image in the final piece for parts where I can easily get my own images. I like the background texture that I used in the five images above so I would like to create a texture like this one  or something similar to it. The texture that I used for the cityscape is too low quality so for each texture that I have here, I am going to amplify to about A5 each.



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