Reflect and Progress Post

For my research I have looked at many different sources. I have been to the Walker, FACT and the TATE gallery. I have also been the the factory open studio weekend where I saw a wide variation of artwork in many different medias. I also saw Laura Ford’s “Seen and Unseen” exhibition at the Abbot Hall. I have looked at many different artists which were mostly my own choices but some were part of workshops. I have looked into Giant Ant studio’s work, Elliot Lim, Said Dagdeviren and Kurt Schwitters alongside some contextual research which was to gather information and facts. From the trips to the Galleries I also took leaflets and information booklets which had interesting designs on them. These sources are either from the internet, booklets, trips or individual visits.

The most successful research source was by far the internet. This is because it was quick, easily accessible, has masses of information and most of my inspiration came from artist that I had discovered via the internet which were Giant Ant studio, Elliot Lim and Said Dagdeviren.

But all the other sources have been useful as well and it has been important that I found my own primary sources. If I relied on workshops and trips as my only research sources then I would not have nearly enough research or contextual knowledge for my project. It has also been important to gather secondary research because as good as it is to have primary research, there is no other way to get the inspiration, ideas or knowledge that we need to advance through our projects. For example my initial ideas were based on secondary research that I got from Giant Ant studio. After watching their “Kick Plastic” animation, I had the idea to base my project around waste/recycling/global-warming. I was also inspired by Giant Ant studio, Elliot Lim and Said Dagdeviren in my samples and test pieces in some way over the past few weeks. After the Cinemagraph workshop I looked more into artists that use this media and then found Said Dagdeviren who inspired me to turn my cinemagraph into a double exposure instead which turned out just as i had hoped it would. Links to my research post on Said Dagdeviren and the CinemaGraph development are below.

In my recent test pieces and I have been using a style that the artists at Giant Ant studio used which was using crayon and pencils to create their textures which have now done in my test pieces but I still have to blog about those test pieces yet.

My project proposal has kept the same theme but it has changed in quite a few big ways. I am no longer going to be working within After Effects but instead in Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. I am also no longer creating an animation but instead creating a concept for an animation which I intend to send to the GoEasy Campaign or to present it to them. I made the change from Animation to concept of an animation because I do not have nearly enough time to create an animation in that time that is up to the quality that it needs to be to get me the grade that I need.

Over the past three weeks I have worked in collage, Pencil/crayons and then Digital medias which just include Adobe Flash and Photoshop. I have been mostly working with these digital media’s the most though out of all the medias so far as this is my specialist area and I am going to be working in digital if I come to make the animation so I might as well start working in it now. So far animation has been very time consuming so for now I am just going to be working with stills of different scenes. I have recently made test pieces that I have not blogged yet but I used textures that I made with pencils and crayons which worked very well in my opinion so I am going to experiment with these more. I need to make either one or two more set of test pieces then I will be ready to start making the final piece which will be a detailed concept of the animation which may include some short animations alongside stills of all the different scenes.




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