Complete Initial Idea/Story Board

This post is about my first idea that would cover and explain the whole animation concept. Most of the posts that I have done for the development project brief have been about the first part of the animation. But after having a feedback session, my project aim has changed from creating an animation to creating a detailed concept of one. Everything in this post can be changed so the ideas that I have right now could change to something else.

If I am going to stick to the idea have created in this storyboard then the first scene will be of the house that you will have seen in previous posts. It will start off with a black screen that fades to a green, grass texture. The house and the road will then fade into the picture and end up in a way similar to the image below. In the Black screen, which might not necessarily be black, I will have a set of text that will have the first set of information which will be that each car on average makes a certain amount of short trips a year which adds up to 1200 miles which is equivalent to a return trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats. This is quite a key fact and it’s a good fact to start with and to kick things off. It also makes the next few animations make sense. While the animation of the street is going on, I will have text appearing and disappearing (in a way I haven’t decided on yet) that will say that a short journey is a trip that is under 5 miles that can be to a friends or relatives house, to work, to college/education to go shopping or to go do a leisurely activity. The red line animation along the streets is supposed to represent this short journey. second test piece for first scene

The scene will then zoom out to aerial view of the streets that this house is connected to. Once it’s zoomed out the scene will look like the image below. Then the red line animation will begin linking one house to another like the short animation that I created before hand which you can see in the link below.

Once that animation is finished then the look of the scene will change to a satellite style image and begin to zoom out until the UK takes up the screen . I also made a basic animation that helps visualize what I have just described and the link to the post that has that animation is below. 4

I have not decided whether I will even have the whole zooming out animation in a satellite/realistic style or to have it drawn out, colored and textured in my own way.  But once the Map of the UK has zoomed out it will go from the satellite view to a simplistic style based on Elliot Lim’s art style which I have an example of under these two images below. I then want to use the same idea of joining up to places with a line like I want to do in the street scene but in this part I want to use dots instead of a line and I don’t want to use red but to instead use colors that fit in better with the more natural colors that will be in the scene such as greens, blues and browns. The two places that will be getting joined up will be Land’s End and John O’Groats.

I will also have another fact come into view in this scene. Once the map has zoomed out and the dots that join up Land’s End and John O’Groats have started animating, I want to have an aeroplane or a biplane fly across the screen and in its fume’s trail I will have the fact written within it.IMG_3333IMG_3334Elliot Lim SS 2

Then I want the scene to zoom in on the map. Gradually the animation of cars driving along will fade in, but they will only appear and reappear within the map’s shape. The animation will not continue to show multiple cars but will instead focus on one car only. With the cars I want to create an art style similar to the style that the artist and Giant Ant Studios used in their “Kick Plastic” animation which I have a few images of their concept art below the two images below.IMG_3336IMG_3337

When I looked more closer at the work that Giant Ant studio made in the “Kick Plastic” animation I noticed/realized how they created the textures that you can see on the man’s neck for example. I think that they made the textures using wax crayons and pencils which I found quite interesting and was keen to try and experiment with these medias myself.

My next idea with the animation was to have the car in a cinemagraph style. I could have the wheels spinning while the background is in a forest motion blur as if the car was driving fast through a countryside road. Although I want to get to the facts quite quick but the only idea I have for that that relates to the car is with the exhaust. The idea is to focus in on the exhaust pipe and the fumes coming out of it. I’ll then have the next set of facts flow out of the exhaust and into the fumes,move across screen and then off screen but at a slow enough pace that it is easily legible. Then once all the text has been pumped out It will then move along to show the cloud of fumes with the whole set of text in it.IMG_3338IMG_3339IMG_3340IMG_3341Once the text has been on screen long enough that you have enough time to read it it will then disperse to show a cyclist which is representing the healthy option of short journeys. The camera will then zoom in either on the chain of the bike or one of the wheels and the next fact will be rolling across either one of these components. I dislike this idea as it’s too similar to the previous scene and I think there are far better ways of visualizing this scene but I have not found it yet.IMG_3342

If I am going to use that scene then this is how I plan on finishing up the animation. The camera will then just focus on the lower half of the bike and will show the bike cycling off screen while a walker walks on screen which the camera then follows while he walks. The walker will then walk behind a bus while the camera goes in front of it but still moves as if it is following the walker. but as soon as the walker goes behind the bus the camera will zoom at to show the whole bus which will show the cyclist and the walker getting on or maybe just the walker. The camera will then stay stationary while the bus moves off screen revealing the street it was blocking which will have people walking, jogging, cycling and skating along. the camera while then go rotate so its looking down on the street while zooming out. While it’s zooming out it will reveal the same street as from the first scene and the the same area it originally zoomed out from. but instead of zooming out to reveal the UK, it will carry on zooming out to reveal the planet. which will then the final fact and animation ending sentence animated in some way which I have not quite decided upon yet.  IMG_3344The next thing I will be doing is experimenting with still of a scene. I will be testing out art styles, colors, textures and compositions to see what looks good and to hopefully get closer to that style that I will use for the rest on the concept art. I also need to make a much more detailed storyboard that will show more visualizations of the scenes and will also show exactly what text is going where and what facts those blocks of text will contain.




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