Feedback Tutorial Session

Michael Howard (tutor) FMP – 26/04/16

“Discussed FMP progress so far: very good level of practical experimentation working with Flash.
Discussed option of working with a small section of animation and concentrating on the detail and quality of the animation.
Aim to produce –

  • Storyboard ideas for the whole animation, this should develop, adapt and change using feedback from peers and film tutors/students.
  • From storyboard select text and image frames to develop a visual style, experiment with hand drawn, vector, colour palette and textures. Generate a range of samples to then get feedback on from peers and industry experts (Steve Scott Lavahouse)
  • Select a short segment to animate, consider approaching the council to see if they want to be involved in the project?
    South Lakes District Council – Go Easy Campaign”


I recently had a feedback/tutorial session with two of my tutors where we went over what I have done in these past two weeks during my Development part of my FMP project  Above is a checklist of what we discussed and what I should and will be doing next. Overall the feedback was very positive and my blog is looking good at the moment according to my tutors. There is an issue with my project and a course I could take it in which I had not noticed and had not thought of or even considered until now.

After looking at my blog and animations that I have made so far they gave me some good feedback but pointed out that to create a full animation, at a much higher quality, (which it needs) with the little experience with Adobe Flash I have, it would be very hard to complete in the time have and that there is a much more promising option.

They suggested that I create a concept for an animation instead of actually creating the full thing. This would involve creating a detailed storyboard that describes each scene in full, such as animations and their directions, colors, textures and to have sketches alongside these descriptions to make it easier to visualize the scenes. I could also go into photoshop and create stills of each scene or create very short animations of each scene. This would mean I would not be limited to the basic formats that I have in my animations so far because I would have a lot more time to go into more detail as there would be less to work on. I will also be able to play around different color palettes, drawing styles, different medias and scenes which I would much rather do.

So the next thing I need to do is to create a storyboard, which has already been started. After that I need to select different parts of scenes and then go into more detail using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and test out different drawing styles relating back to Elliot Lim and Giant Ant studio who I used as my artist research and inspiration. I will also be asking various artists for their feedback on my concept ideas and the samples that I will have made. The Aim is to pitch my ideas and concept to the South Lakes District Council and more specifically, the Go East Campaign which is all about using different methods of transport which ties in very well with my project.



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