Complete test piece of the 1st scene

The animation below is my first test piece of what I want to do for the first scene using Adobe Flash. This isn’t what it is going to look like as I want to add more detail when its in the street view and I want to create my own look for the UK instead of a standard google maps view, which goes for all the scenes. I basically took exactly what I did in the previous test piece but I had to use a bigger street map as the one I already had edited was too small for the zooming out animations. I also took multiple screen shots of the UK zooming out of Kendal for the animation at the end. Once one screen shot had finished fading in and zooming out I set it up to play the next image but I made the next slide start a few frames before the previous one had finished to make it run more smoothly.

There is a lot more work that needs to be done as I need to create a smoother process for the zooming out animation and I also need to create a much more aesthetically pleasing visual for the UK, which I will most likely create in Photoshop and any media that I will use to create the textures that I will use in this sequence which will most likely be print making. I also need to finish off developing the first part of the scene which is the whole part that include the street view. I have started making a more detailed design using Photoshop and mostly the pen tool to create a much more nicer looking road but I need to create a texture for that as well.

After I have finished polishing of this first scene with visuals, I will move onto adding text into the sequence which will introduce the animation before any of the animations that you have seen so far, start. During the first set of animations which I have created test pieces for,  I want to experiment having text animated within it as well. If this doesn’t look good, makes the animation too busy or for any reason doesn’t work out, I will resort to using text between scene changes which will have a more simplistic designs as backgrounds like how Giant Ant studio presented their text in their animation “Kick plastic”.Giant ant screen shot



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