Adobe Flash Experimentation

For my final piece I was planning on using After Effects for a majority of the process, but After asking A tutor about my initial ideas and how i wanted the animation to work, he suggested that I try out Adobe Flash. So he went through some of the basics of Adobe Flash with me such as motion tweening and using layers to create different animations at different times.

First I went into photoshop and created a quick, basic image that I could animate in Flash. I used the paintbrush to create a basic background and  I then took a gritty texture and placed it over it but then lowered its opacity so the background and everything is seeable. I then made a very basic house and road so that I would not have many problems animating it. I made sure to have everything on its own separate layers so i could animate things individually if I wanted to.sample piece part 1gritty texturesample piece part 2finished sample pieceroad-animation

I then took the image I had created into Adobe Flash and began animating it. There were a lot of minor problems and mistakes I made purely just because I had never used the software before. Such as the road had not imported very well so I had to re create it  flash and the whole animation was far too fast to begin with so I did some research to find out how to extend the whole thing and then fixed the problem. I am quite happy that within a one afternoon session I learned this process and create a short animation from it but i am far from the outcome that I want so I am going to be working more with this process when I do not have workshop work to complete.

I’m not that happy with the colors i used for the background as it was meant to resemble grass but instead it just looks dry and dead partially because of the texture which I also think could be better because it is just too grainy. I do not like the simplicity of the house so I either have to add more detail, add a texture or do something a bit more extreme and use a drone to take aerial shots of houses that I can use for my final animation. I also don’t like how sharp and bold the houses and the road look against the background as I want everything to almost look natural. I also want to make some changes to the animations too. I do not want the background and the texture to emerge separately or to come from the center of the screen. I want them to simply slowly fade on the screen, so no movement. I also do not want the road to stretch across the screen, I am going to make the end look faded and then make it move into the screen instead of stretching so it looks like it’s fading into the screen. The house’s animation is fine but i need to play with the tones more and I want to add a texture to the different parts to make it more house like and I am also wanting to give the house a shadow similar to how Giant Ant does their shadows. the purpose of this would hopefully to give it more depth.




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