Scene Ideas

These Sketches below are not for testing out different drawing designs or styles, but instead to test out different scene ideas and scenarios for my final animation. In general I don’t like my drawings because they have either poor tonal work or proportions are messed up. But I do like some of the ideas I have come up with from these designs. For example I like the idea of having a birds eye view of city streets, and with this scene I could link two different places such as a house to work or to a friends house or to college, etc. I would also like to have a scene behind the wheel although this would be difficult seen as though I wouldn’t be able to film while driving. Either I could have somebody else film while I drive but even then the video won’t be stable without using expensive gear which I do not have access to. So I now have the idea that I could create these scenes completely from scratch using my own drawings an Adobe software to create these stop motion animation scenes.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender435



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