CinemaGraph Development

After the Cinemagraph workshop I wanted to test out the style a bit more. I also wanted to create more after doing some artist research on Said Dagdeviren who creates double exposure cinema graphs which I like a lot. In my animation there is a very good chance I will have a side view of some sort of car but it might not involve a double exposure Cinemagraph. But I decided this would be a good example to test out this style.

I took A standard side profile image of a car off of a website and began cropping it down. I used the magic wand tool to quickly get rid of the white space and to get rid of some of the shadow from underneath of the car. I then drew a line around the car’s outline using the pen tool which I then used as a vector mask on the Cinemagraph that I had made in the workshop. Then I brought the car on top of the animation and then played around with the opacity and also applied the Overlay option. Finally I used the burn tool on the layer that had the car so that I could make certain areas stand out more. I wanted to make all the areas but the main body more visible so the windows, rear and front lights and the wheels.


I quite like the final outcome although there are a few areas I think I could improve or that I would rather do differently. I like the middle part of the piece the most as it’s smooth, it has the main part of animation going across it which is what I aimed for and the editing with the burn tool on the glass part turned out well too. I also like the blue hue even though I don’t like it on the original animation. The blue hue seems to go well with the car whether it’s because of the shape of the car, I do not know. I don’t like both ends of the car as much as the middle though, this is because the lines of the car and the wheels merge to much with the animation. I wanted them to be really clear and easy to make out like with the middle of the car. I have also noticed that I could have put a texture over the white background, similar to how Said Dagdeviren textured his white backgrounds when he did his double exposure cinemagraphs.



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