GIF Worskshop

In this workshop we were shown how to create Cinemagraphs which we used photoshop to create. These are not GIFs as there are a few differences between Cinemagraphs and GIFS. GIFs are created instantaneously while Cinemagraphs take a lot more effort and time. GIFs are used to communicate with one another while Cinemagraphs are used majority as an art form. With GIFS, looping doesn’t add any more value to the experience apart from seeing it again while with Cinemagraphs looping create a seamless and endless illusion. Also Cinemagraphs focus on Aesthetics rather than animations and so what makes a photograph good will make a cinemagraph good too. GIFs focus on animations to express a funny moment or entertaining moment.

First we create a test piece where we all used the same clip but we edited the clip in different ways but I can’t upload the original clip because it is in video format. To create the cinemagraph we took the full video into quicktime player and trimmed the video to a reasonable length. We then look the clip into Photoshop where we grouped all the layers/frames into a group apart from the first frame. next we made a layer mask over the whole group but the first frame and we covered up all the areas we did not want to move. Such as Luke and Sophie on the right hand side and the roller on the printing press. Once we had done this we had done the main part of the cinemagraph creation, after that we edited the cinemagraph as we wanted. I simply changed the hue to a cyan color, I posterized the scene to roughly 10- colors and played around with the contrast, brightness and levels a little bit.

I’m not happy with the outcome of the test piece as the colors just look to weird and the posterize didn’t work very well with this clip as there is just too many complicated areas in the scene so it just looks messy. Although I am very happy that I now know how to create Cinemagraphs.


After creating the test pieces we were then given the task to make our own cinemagraphs from scratch using cameras and tripods to film anything we wanted from the surrounding area around college. Seen as though my project is based quite a lot on cars I thought it would be fitting to film the car/trucks/lorries around kendal. It was easy getting footage but almost of it was unusable because there was not appropriate cut off point to create a perfect loop. So I had to settle for what I have below even though there are a few things that do not work well such as the cars in the background and the truck doesn’t cut off completely before it loops. The raw footage was actually just over 50 seconds long and this scene was the only part I could use so in future I’m going to film for a lot longer so I have more footage to choose from.

I do like the concept of my cinemagraph but the outcome was not perfect as I would have prefered to have multiple cars travelling across the screen, instead I have only one truck. I now that I’m looking at the animation after a few days of making, I have noticed that I do not like a few things about the editing that I did. I don’t like the blue look that the scene has and I would prefer it if the whole thing is a bit brighter. I also think the whole thing is slightly tilted to the left which I didn’t want. I have mentioned what I want to do for my second animation in my previous blog post which was a research post linked to Cinemagraphs and this workshop. Basically, I want to create a cinemagraph within the bodywork of a car like how Said Dagdeviren did with his animals. But this time I’m going to gather more footage at a better source and I am going to spend more time editing the general look to the Cinemagraph as the best two have looked awful.




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