Cinema Graph Artist: Said Dagdeviren

Said Dagdeviren is a Turkish Video and Art Director, Photographer and Cinemagraph artist. I’m looking at him as part of a Cinemagraph workshop that I participated in earlier. Said Dagdeviren works in multiple styles and medias put I am only looking at his Gifs for my research and especially the double exposure ones.

I chose to look at Said Dagdeviren over other cinemagraph artists because he is the first one that I found that used cinemagraphs in the form of double exposures which remind me of David Babies work which I have put in at the bottom of this blog post. I am interested in this double exposure style cinemagraphs because it’s inspired me and given me the idea to create my own type of double exposure cinemagraphs.

I also went a bit further and messaged Said Dagdeviren and asked him a few questions about softwares he used and whether he create his own textures or if he used other sources for his textures and photos to create his work and this is what he said:

“I did not use illustrator , I used Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
I used stock textures.”

Now that I am looking back at the questions I asked I want to ask him one more question and that would be where did he get his inspiration from or how did he get the ideas and inspiration for these cinemagraphs in particular.

I really like his choice of backgrounds for the different animals and opacity levels he has given to the original layers. You can clearly see all the animals key features and some details such as their fur but it’s translucent enough that you can clearly see the animation behind it. I mainly like the backgrounds so much because of the colors that are in the imagery because they have a small variation of them which I really like in artwork and I also like the sharpness of the image, and this is probably because the quality of the imagery is quite high.

Another element of his work which I like is the textures he uses. If you look at the double exposure cinemagraphs, you can see that the white spaces have a grainy texture to them which I think works very well with the whole thing and if the white space was simply just white space, it would not have the same appeal.

The way the outlines of the animals and the general imagery merges well with the white surrounding area is something else I quite like about his work. For example, the colors and the tones in the first deer image below are not massively vibrant. The colors a nice, calm and peaceful looking, also the outline of the image doesn’t have a sharp edge so it doesn’t jump of the page as much then if the outline was sharp and bold, which I think looks nice. Although the second deer image uses bright colors and tones so it doesn’t have the same effect.



The only things that I don’t like about any of his cinemagraphs are in the two animations below. I don’t like the images he used within the wolf and the bear as they don’t tie in very well with these animals. I think if he used images of trees being cut down or forest fires like in the second deer image then there would be more of a direct relation and a message between the animals and the images. I also think that the images that he used for the wolf and the bear and more related to a global warming theme so maybe an animal that is being effected by increasing temperatures such as polar bears, penguins, arctic seals etc, would be more fitting.


After looking at Said Dagdeviren, I want to create my own double exposure cinemagraphs but based around my own project theme. So my initial idea is to have a side profile of a car, and use the cinemagraph that I made in the workshop as the animation within the body of the car. If I can do this and it turns out well, I will go on and experiment further with this style, but I can not imagine it being massively difficult to create these cinemagraphs.

These two cinemagraphs below are two examples of his other cinemagraphs that I liked but are difficult to relate to my own project as they have nothing that I can really use or get inspired by for my own cinemagraphs and animations.


David Babie:




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