Drawing/digital workshop

For this workshop we were asked to draw multiple drawings. two of them were 2 minute drawings but for one of them we had to draw with the opposite hand we would normally draw with. Two of them we for five minute, one had to be with two colored pencils and one had to be with a fine liner. We then had to do a 20 minute drawing with any media and of any image and finally we did a 4 minute drawing put with a continous lines. I was not happy with the outcome with any of these drawings which are all in the group of image below. Even when I had a lot of time to create the drawings, most of the drawing was out o proportion which ruined it in my opinion and the shading did not work well either because I either did hatch in the right direction or I used the wrong amount of toning. In the rest of them I either tried to draw image that required more time so the outcome was always just an outline. This is what was supposed to happen and was the whole point of the exercise but I still dislike the drawings.

For the second part of the workshop we were asked to take one of the drawings to a different media such as embroidery, printing, painting, collage, digital ETC. We then had to change something about that image or add to it in anyway. As i disliked the image I used a sketch that I had done the previous night and used that instead. I took the Sketch into photoshop because my project is based around the Creative Adobe softwares.

city scape drawing

First I quickly cleaned up the image using the eraser tool and then by adding a layer of gray to in to make it seem more like buildings. If I was given more time to work on it would’ve used more appropriate colors such as dark blues and lighter greys for the buildings but seen as though I was limited for time I simply stuck with the obvious color which can easily be associated with skyscrapers.cirtscape grey

I was going to leave it at that but I felt it was just too boring and dull to leave it as it was so I added a little bit of shading to it on the side of the buildings I thought would be darkest. I did each of these colors on different layers so it was easier to go back and make changes. I also made the opacity on these layers 50% so that the tonal lines from the drawings could still be seen. Without these lines it would have a very simplistic look with just block colors.cityscape grey+shadingcityscape sunset

I then moved onto the background where the first Idea was to create a sunset behind it. First I attempted painting it myself which look dreadful because the contrast between the colors is too extreme, the colors are too bright and vibrant and the order of the colors are wrong anyway for a sunset. After that attempt I simply took an image of a sunset, cropped it down and made some more adjustments using photoshop and then placed it behind my cityscape drawing. I prefered this look far more but it’s not my image so I would like to go back and either re-paint the background using the colors from the image and to add more detail the cityscape.

cityscape realistic sunset



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