Kurt Schwitters, Workshop activety/Research

Kurt Schwitters was a German born Sculptor, Writer and typographer 1887-1948. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art”Kunstakademie” in Dresden. He had his own style of Dadaism which was called Merz that he created after falling out with the DADA movement of publication issues, but he did his first Merz exhibition when he was 32. Also the name Merz was taken from the word Commerz. Schwitters’ activities from 1922 onwards were largely influenced by the movement known as Constructivism. He found himself at the forefront of contemporary art and quickly allied himself with the various European Dada groups, the Bauhaus and the new generation of Constructivists from Eastern Europe and the Netherlands. He was also influenced by cubism. Fled from the Nazi’s because his work didn’t fit in with their culture. After the war ended he settled down in Cumbria. He also had a massive influence on Pop art movement.

I am looking into Kurt Schwitters work as part of the collage workshop that I have taken part in. I decided to take part in this workshop because a collage/mix media might be a style that will look good as and animation so I thought I would try it out and see how the outcome looks.

The images below are different examples of his collage styles. The first one is a collage using different pieces of newspapers and fabrics which I quite like the look of. What I like about this piece is the color composition the most and then textures of the fabrics. The color composition is a mixture of light blues, greens, turquoises, yellowy green colors and some bold white and blacks too. The light colors work well together because neither one is extremely bold or vibrant so they are equally as eye catching which puts the blacks and whites into focus against their washed backgrounds. I like the texture of the fabric which takes up a majority of the background which I’d like to experiment with my own work and collages. I’m not a fan of the composition but I do like the way he flips the piece of paper that has writing on it, upside down as it makes it a bit more interesting and I like the contrast between the white paper and the grayish blue.

Magic c.1936-40 by Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948

This piece below is called “Relief in Relief” which he made with oil paint on wood and plaster. Overall, I don’t like this piece all that much but there is two parts of it which I do quite like and might try out in my own work. I like the shadows that a made from this piece so I might try and incorporate shadows and reliefs styles into the next collage I make and see if this 3D effect adds any nice effects to the collage.I think the colors would not work well together but because they are all quite dull  and rough colors it works quite well. I don’t really like the texture of the piece as the paintbrush marks are quite rough which in my opinion makes it look worse then if all the brush makes flowed in one direction or if it just had a block color with no textures.

(Relief in Relief) c.1942-5 by Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948

I prefer this piece below then to the Relief in Relief Piece. The piece is generally made up of cardboard, newspapers and random colored materials such as various papers and fabrics. I prefer it because it has a nice flow it  which you can see going curving down the middle of it. Although I prefer this piece to the previous one, I still don’t like the overall outcome because I don’t like the color palate or use of the colors or the lines that are within the piece. The colors are made up of light browns from the cardboard then just a collision of generally quite dull colors in the  lower half of the left hand side of the collage. I don’t like the look of the lines because in the top half everything merges together and blends into a different area but at the bottom there is a clear and sharp segregation which I don’t like.

Picture of Spatial Growths - Picture with Two Small Dogs 1920-39 by Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948

Although this is not a collage I still included it because I really like the way the lines look in this chalk and crayon drawing. I like the way the drawing style has a bit of hatching in it which Is a style which I would like to use in my animation and a style which I have been using in almost all of my sketches so far. I also like the way he uses quite thick lines throughout the drawing and how the tone of the lines are darkest in the lines that separate all the segments. I also like the way the lines that are within the sections fade away slowly and how he keeps all the lines within that section parallel. I also think it was smart to not include any colors in the drawing as this could have very easily of ruined some of the effects and  moods he has created in this piece.

Z 105 Portals of Houses 1918 by Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948





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