Collage Workshop

For this Workshop we studied an artist called Kurt Schwitters:

After doing a short research activity on him we then went onto making our own collages out of images, drawings, paintings etc that were linked to our ideas and our project. I used four copies of the images that I had available. Two are of modern day cars but at different angles, one is the viewpoint from behind the wheel and the fourth is of a normal train with the word “Transport” written across it using letters that I had cut out of a magazine. I also added a few drawings to it to fill in the white spaces and to link it furthermore to my project. There are three images below which show some of the progress of the collage and the final image is the final outcome. I would of liked to have more images ranging from the very start of the collage so progress could have been more visible.



I’m quite happy with the final outcome although there are still quite a few areas that I would like to change or do differently which I will make when I create a second collage which will be similar to this one just improved. I don’t like how I have three images that are cars or from a car viewpoint so I would like to get rid of one of them, preferable the car that is being looked at from a side profile. I also don’t like the set of connected dots that are in the top part of the collage, so I will either redo this section or just scrap that part and leave it out the next sample piece. I do like the little bits of drawings that I have dotted around the collage. Like the drawing that adds onto the dashboard which I thought would look terrible but It actually turned out pretty well. I also like the city skyscrapers, the road, stairs and the house, but I do not like the composition of them. So in the next collage which I might do digitally, I will re arrange these different elements and test out what works best. I like the way I’ve drawn the lines as well, because I like the hatching style which I have done generally over most of my sketches but I would like it to be neater which I could easily do in Adobe photoshop. If I decide to take the next collage I could add textures to the piece which I’d like to do because I didn’t have the opportunity to do that with this original one. It would also be a lot easier to add color and change the colors around to see what works in photoshop. I want to be able to play around with color because most of the feedback I received was based on color and how I should either add more colors based on the ones the train has or use none at all, so I would like to have that option to change the colors easily.

Risk Assessment :

For this workshop I worked a lot with scalpels. to avoid any damage to us or anything else I used a cutting mat so that the blade and the paper that I was cutting would not slip. I also made sure to cut away from myself and anybody else so that if the blade did slip It would not cut me or anybody else.





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