FMP Development Brief

For my FMP I’m working on the theme of short journeys and the effects it could have on us if we walked, cycled or public transport instead of using our cars for most of our short journeys which is 5 miles or less. My specialist area is graphic design and more specifically, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but for this project I want to work mostly with and learn more about Adobe After Effects.

Over the course of this project I am going to produce work that is drawing, photography, and digitally based as these will be the medias I will need to create my final piece. There will also be many different workshops during the next three weeks and a significant amount of these workshops will be based on drawing, photography and graphic design/digital art. I doubt there will be any workshops that are entirely on Adobe After Effects so I will do my own personal workshops using online tutorials or one on ones with a tutor so I can develop my skills and knowledge on Adobe After Effects.

I am aiming to produce around 20-30 Drawings that will be observational or from a primary source and some from secondary sources where it would be impractical to gather primary photos of the subject. I also want to create at least 10 test pieces from workshops but I’m aiming to create about 15 pieces overall based on these workshops. I will analyze and evaluate all of this work and I’ll also gather feedback for most of the sample pieces which I’ll also analyze. All of this work I will post on my blogs including the test pieces that go wrong and tutorials that I have with tutors. We also need to create posts that show evidence of attendance to at least three workshops, of weekly planners that go into detail what we intend to do over the following three weeks. All of our work should be informed by the research that we did during our research project. At the end of the project we need to create and present a presentation showing and going into detail of what we have done over the past three weeks during the development project.

All of this work should be finished, blogged and presented about by the 2nd of May but can be added to at later dates.




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