Liverpool trip

During the Liverpool trip I found it difficult to find anything from the Walker Gallery and the TATE to get inspired off of for my FMP. This is because a lot of the artwork that was on display there was traditional art work while I’m going to be working on a digital stop motion animation, but there were a few things that I saw that Interested me in the FACT Gallery

The exhibition that we looked at the FACT Gallery was created by the artist Ryoichi Kurokawa and the exhibition was called “unfold”. The core element of his work is “synaesthesia”. which is term that relates to the experience of your senses merging together or triggering one another. The piece unfold is an attempt at translating the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies, and his work is inspired by the recent discoveries by astrophysicists at CEA Irfu, Paris-Scalay, based on data produced by the satellites of the European Space Agency and NASA.

These three images below are all from the FACT Gallery and are some of the only pieces of work that I could get inspiration off of that would be related to my project. What I like about these pieces are the use of colors and the lines that The artist as created. In the first image I also like his use of shapes along with the patterns that he made. Out of the two different color schemes he use in the first image, I prefer the second one because its more simplistic and in my opinion the orange/red looks a lot better against the yellow, compared to the other color scheme where the whole rainbow is almost involved against a dark blue background which I do not like.


I think the image below is a screen shot from the main video that he created as the center piece for his exhibition which I have a few clips of. The main video was all about the birth, life and death of a star. This image looks like the surface of a star but I do not like how strong the red. I think if the white was a bit more dominant in this  image it could’ve looked better and if i were to re-create this screen shot or edit it I would add another color to the image as this could potentially improve the image but I could be wrong.


The main thing I like about the image below is he way he has used the color spectrum, the dots and the lines. The way he uses dots and lines is something that I like about all his work the lines look so complicated due to there being so many but they look like a network of something out of a sci-fi film or of a galaxy, but in fact its a visualization of one of the processes a star would go through over its lifetime. I also like how it looks like the lines and dots are dripping down due to a convection current because the bottom looks hot because of the red and oranges and the top is cold because of the blues and greens. Although there is nothing I can take away from this image and apply it to my own work because there isn’t really a specific color palate apart form all the colors and the way we has created and rendered the image is far too complicated for me to do in the time that I have.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The two videos below are parts of Ryoichi Kurokawa’s exhibition piece “unfold”. What I liked about his film/videos the most was the way the sounds emphasized what was happening on the screen so much more then if it was silent. For example, in the first video, at about the one minute mark the lines look like they are dripping like in the image above, but the sound that is added with it adds to they dripping effect as if you can hear all the individual dots falling.

I tend to like pieces of work that have a bit more color to them but his work is based on space and galaxies so its obvious that there is going to be a lot of whites and blacks but I would of liked it more and of found it more interesting if there were some more interesting colors in the film like from the first and third images above.

The rest of the images below are images that I either took from the Walker Gallery or the TATE Gallery and one from the FACT Gallery. I like all these pieces of work but there is nothing in them or about them that I can take away as for inspiration for my specific project. For example, the Fine arts painting are amazing pieces of work, but my animation is not going to be using all those colors, detail, scale or anything about the paintings.






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