Intial Design ideas

These initial designs are based on the art work that I saw in giant Ants work and off of the observational sketches that I drew based off what I saw at Laura Ford exhibition, The Tate Gallery, The Fact Gallery and the Walker Gallery. For my final piece I am going to be creating an animation based on the consequences of using a car for short trips under 5 miles. So seen as though my animation will be revolving around cars, I thought that cars would be the best thing to be sketching. I also carried on using the hatched style drawing as I still positive I want to use this style of drawing in my animations juts as Giant Ant did in some of their animations.

The first page is very much based off Giant Ant’s animation “Kick Plastic” which was about the effects of not recycling plastic. In that animation there were a few vehicles which I liked the style of, so I attempted to create a sketch similar to that style. I like this idea but I want something a bit more detailed then the two pickup trucks that I sketched. I also came up with an idea of how I’d change from a scene showing the truck driving along for example, to a slide that showed some informative facts. I could use the cartoon puffs of gas to create bigger ones like in the sketch, into a gas bubble that will fill the screen which will then have information and facts rolling over it.

FullSizeRender [217453]Capture

I then created these new sketches of more complicated cars as I don’t know how many cars and vehicles will be in the animation or which cars I’ll use, so I experimented with the different  styles a little bit. I sketched out three separate drawings for each car, a side profile, a front and a rear view drawing. I don’t like the style of the wheels when I look at the side profile so I need to come up with a new way of drawing them without having to add too much detail. I sketched the wheels based of the way the designers drew the wheels within their animations but I think its because I am drawing the rest of the car in a different style which makes the wheels seem a bit weird. If i did draw the cars in a more cartoon way then the wheels would probably look alright.  I do like the rear and front views on both of the cars but I have drawn them out of proportion in some places which ruins the sketch to me, but apart from that I am quite happy with the style I have drawn them in which is basically just standard hatching but I still really like it. What I think i need to do next or wait for the development project, as this kind of work ties in more with that project, is that I need to start working digitally and adding colors and blocks of shade to get it closer to the outcome I am looking for.FullSizeRender [217455]FullSizeRender [217457]



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