Factory Open Studio

The Factory in Kendal had a weekend where they opened up the studios for the public to view. When I went to go look round, I saw these glass pieces that are produced by the company Jo Vincent. Ir was these glass works that I liked the most out of everything there because of the shapes that they are built up of, the colors that they have used and the way its presented fascinates me.

The first image below is my favorite piece that they have done but it is hard to say what It looks like part from a river or anything water related because of the use of blue colors and the flow of the glass in some areas, especially at the bottom half. But the gray glass do not seem to fit together well so these areas look like paths or bridges to me.

The lines between each of the glass segments varies in thickness and shape which I like because it makes it more messy and interesting . The blues are also nice as there are not too man different shades of contrasting color which makes it far more relaxed. I also really like the texture of this piece, because in some of the other examples the glass segments are laid out and have nothing else covering them. In this one the have laid a layer of glass over the top of it which gives it a good smooth look too it.

I’d like to experiment with the colors scheme they have used in this piece, for example I could use the grays on the wheels and the road while the blues can color the cars or sky with the lighter blues tinting the windows. I could try making a scene or a car out of shapes the same way the artists at Jo Vincent have used shapes to make there works of art but I don’t think the outcome would be worth the time it would take to create a whole animation built out of small shapes.


The next two images below are more examples of work that the company Jo Vincent has created. These are a bit different in the way that the shapes that are used to make them and the colors that are used. In the first image the shapes are a lot more compacted which I like because if they had used the same messy layout from the previous design then there would hardly be any shapes within the piece as they had a lot smaller area to work with. What  I don’t like though is the glass that has gone over the top of the design which is really crinkled and folded and not smooth at all which I would have preferred.

In the second design that have simply created a piece of work which is made up of several lines of glass that all run parallel together. Some of the lines are thicker, some white, red, back  white or clear and some are smoother then the others texture wise. I’m not a fan of this piece as I think its just a bit dull as there is not a whole lot happening in it but I do like the idea of having different lines different colors which I could implement into my hatching style when I take my drawings into Adobe Illustrator.img_0046img_0047I can not really get any inspiration from these relief sculptures that are just below, but I do like them. I like the natural colors that they have used but I can’t exactly use natural colors seen as though everything I’ll be animation is artificial such as cars, roads, pollution,  and in general not very natural things. I also like the way they have presented it, the slate background and the wooden blocks which I really like which I could consider for my exhibition space although expenses would be a problem there.


These two light shades caught my eye as well. The use of lines along the tops and bottoms of the shades are nice, and again, the color scheme is something I could really consider using in my test pieces. In general they use very similar colors for most of their work.
They mostly use simple blue, green or red colors along with some whites, grays, or they will take these simple colors and make them look more natural like in the first image or the image above.img_0048img_0051img_0059img_0049

There were a lot of paintings there which were mostly abstract which I am not usually a fan of, but I like this painting. Most of the paintings there were quite blurry landscapes or of animals such as sheep or cows, this paintings is quite the opposite. Its an explosion of colors but all the colors are still defined, bold and the lines that separate them are sharp for the most part. Its the way that a big chunk of colors are not merged together that I like the most about the painting. The colors are very vibrant which I would change as I think that it would look better with a more limited color palate using maybe only two core colors such as blue and pink.img_0058

These cutouts and print we made with or have rocks involved in them. The two on the left are simply cutouts with a wall of rock behind them that has been cut and carved to give the cutouts more character in the right places. The rest of them are all paintings/prints that have been made with rocks as paining tools. Its hard to tell from this image, and I now wish I had taken some close up shots of individual painting, but the lines that have been made from the rock are very interesting because as the edges of the rocks were used to create the lines, the texture of the rocks have gone with those lines and so the whole image has a very stone like quality to it. I also love the use of the orange paint onto the black background which helps all the little elements of the prints stand out.img_0060

The rest of the images below are just some pieces of work that I liked while I was walking around the studios but that I can’t use as inspiration for my own project.img_0053



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