Contextual Research

For my project I am going to create a stop motion animation about short journeys that we make using cars. In this animation I will have information about how many trips we make, how many miles this adds up to in a certain amount of time, such as a year, information about how much money this costs and how much pollution these short trips make. So I have done some research through the internet and found a few facts that I could use for my project.

From the website below I found these facts, but the website does not say what year these figures were taken from.

  • Up to £279 a year could be saved if four out of five short journeys were made by other means, such as walking, cycling or public transport. This totals up to £8.5 billion for all British drivers combined.
  • Each car user makes 464 short journeys covering a distance of over 1,200 miles a year.
  • 11% of short car journeys are under one mile, 29% are from one to under two miles, and 60% are from two to five miles.
  • The cost of short journeys to society including factors such as road accidents, infrastructure, traffic jams and air quality is £750 per car user or £23 billion for Britain.
  • 15,000 lives could be saved through increased physical activity if more short journeys were made on foot or by bike
  • Over a third (37.5%) of the commuting trips made by car are short journeys costing British drivers £2bn a year with the cost to society being nearly £3.5bn a year.

  • We emit around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global warming gases for every gallon of fuel.

  • British drivers could save £23 a month by ditching the car for journeys under 5 miles and choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport instead.
  • The millage made by short trips adds up to the same distance if you were to make a return journey from Land’s End to John O’groats.
  • Ditching the car for short journeys 4 out of 5 times would collectively reduce carbon emissions by 7.7 million tonnes.








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