Observational sketches

These are sketches that  I have done at the Laura Ford exhibition or at one of the galleries that we visited during the Liverpool trip. For these sketches I have tried to stick to a style that I could use or develop upon for the style that I would use for my stop motion animation.

the two sketches below are of one of the penguins and the donkey boy from Laura Ford’s “Seen and Unseen” exhibition. For the Penguin I wanted to create a simplistic design using a hatching. Where its dark I used a very thick line and hard line to compared to where its light I made the thinness lines i could make. I did not like this style because I think it just makes the drawing look ridiculous because the dark lines are far too bold and so to make it not so bold I’d have to make the rest of the drawing a lot darker as well to try and balance it out.

For the donkey boy drawing I attempted to try and use pencil alongside pen. I drew out the outline of the drawing in pen and then shaded the rest in with pencil. I don’t intend to use this level of shading in my final piece as it would take far too long to create each slide. That is why I want to use hatching and cross hatching to fill in any shading because its fast.

IMG_3077 (2)

For the Three Lady’s drawing, which is also part of the Laura Ford exhibition, I used pen and pencils in a more 50/50 style. Again I am not happy with this sketch as it looks nothing like what I would use for my final piece because the shading is still a bit too complicated and the pen marks are a bit too random but it is an improvement on the last drawings.IMG_3078 (2)

The firs drawing below out of the two is from the Laura Ford exhibition but the second one is from the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. The firs drawing is probably my worst sketch out of all of them. It was far too disproportionate and it was at this point that I decided that I was not going to use pencil in any more sketches.

The second drawing and all the other sketches after it are more like what  I want my final stop motion animation to look like. I just did parallel hatching for this sketch and I the outcome was a lot then the previous sketches in my opinion. Although, some areas could use being a bit darker such as on the crown like headdress thing. I also need to make it more clear what some things are such as his beard and mustache by implementing more detail.IMG_3079

For the sketch below I simply retried doing what I did in the previous sketch which was drawing with parallel hatching and a bit of contour hatching. I liked the outcome of it but it think I need to put in more detail to the water and the saucer as it looks far too plain and boring.IMG_3081

The next three sketches are redo’s of three previous drawings which I wanted to re create using the drawing technique that I had come to like. Out of the three drawings I only disliked the third one as there isn’t enough detail to it, there isn’t enough darker areas and I just don’t like the way I have drawn it. But I quite like the outcome of the other two sketches and I’d like to develop this style of drawing further. When I come to creating the animation I’d like to be bale to re create this style in Illustrator because then I can make it a lot more neater and precise instead of having scribbles everywhere, Or I could scan drawings into Illustrator and simply edit the drawings but I think this would be more time consuming and I also think it would make the whole animation look terrible.FullSizeRendera




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