Liverpool Trip Extra Media

While on the trip at Liverpool I picked up a few booklets, pamphlets and other pieces of media that I only liked for aesthetic reasons. I’d pick something up because either I liked the text they used, colors, layout/composition, imagery or logos.

For the first image I liked the colors choice, imagery, text and its layout. They aren’t a lot of colors in this poster but the background it’s dull and gloomy and so the blue and white text stands out well against it which looks good. The text also revolves around the child in the center which helps put emphasis on her but it also makes it all look like it’s all joined together, it’s almost like if we saw the scene carry on the text would fly away with her. Although I’m not a huge fan of the KITE font as its just too simple. The rest of the text is good because if that text was turned into anything too complicated it would become too difficult to read. Although I do like the KITE text, I would do it differently because it is a much bigger font and so there is a lot more to work with. I do like the texture that they have partially used on the KITE text but i’d take this texture and make it cover a majority of the letters instead of just a small part of it.

IMG_2969I picked up this Open Circuit booklet because I liked the way they had presented the front cover. They have taken the name open circuit and made the front cover look electrical. The text is made up of thin white lines and small circles that remind me of a circuit board which is obviously electrical based so that ties in well with the theme. The background is a bit more difficult to see but you can see that It is all made up of lines and shapes that look like they belong to a motherboard or something very similar. In general I like the simplicity of the the front cover’s design but there isn’t really anything that I could take from it and implement it into my own ideas and designs apart from the color scheme but I do not want my animation to be entirely black and white but it does work well with this booklet design.IMG_2970This is a page that I took from the booklet which is has a section about Ryoichi Kurokawa’s “Unfold” exhibition, and the front cover and other pages of this booklet can be found in the other images below, but this page is my favourite page. The reason that It is my favourite is because it drew my attention the most out of all the booklets and pages due to the use of colors and layout of the page. The image that has the color spectrum is a scene from the video that was on exhibition at the FACT Gallery and it is this image that really catches my attention because it is a bright and vibrant against a black background which makes the colors even more interesting. I also like how the image sprawls over the two pages but leaves a section on the right for the article which I really like. I also like the orange boxes around some of the text. Although I think It might of looked more interesting if the text was white against a black background that merged in with the rest of the image.IMG_2972 (1).JPGThe rest of the images below are some more examples where I liked the composition of the pages, the use of colors or the imagery that was used.



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