Giant Ant Studio

Giant Ant is a studio made up of writers and directors, animators and editors. They’re also designers and cinematographers, producers and composers. They are a company who create short films, animations or/and artwork for companies that hire them. I’m more interested in the animations they have created as I’m basing my project on animation.

Giant Ant’s work is mostly animations made up from images that could be made in a software such as Illustrator or Photoshop. But these images that they create for the animations aren’t just block colors but they have the texture and looks as if they were drawings and paper cuts even though they were made digitally. Which gives the animations a more tangible and real feel to them which I extremely like about them.

The first two videos below are about software’s that a company has made and Giant Ant has created an animation showing off the new software. The last two animations are my favorite animations out of what I have researched so far. These two animations are about helping the world but they are both talking about different ways of doing this. The first animation of the two is about non recycled plastic; The amount, the causes, the effects and what we could do to prevent any more damage. It was also this animation that inspired my idea for my FMP and project proposal. The animation tells a story about a fisherman and his struggles he goes through because of plastic pollution that vary from fish being killed by consuming the plastic and an island that is completely made up of plastic waste.


For this stop motion animation which is below, Giant Ant worked with Costa. Costa is company which makes sunglasses for the sport fishing industry and healthy fish rely on healthy oceans so Costa is trying to raise awareness about overuse and poor disposal of plastics. The animation has a lot of intellectual content that is putting across an important issue and they have portrayed this message in quite an imaginative way.

The art style that Giant Ant used is a style that I’d like to base my own style off of in my own animation. The general color palate is washed, as in all the colors look like faded shades of original colors such as reds, oranges and yellows but some elements have quite bold colors such as clothes, plants and vehicles which makes these areas stand out from the rest of the scene, but there still is a limited color palate using colors such as reds, yellows and navy blues which is a similar color palate to the scenery and background. I also really like how he has illustrated everything such as the shape of the fisherman, fish, birds and bottles. Below the video there is a screenshot of a scene from the video that best shows off their style of art. When an area is in direct sunlight or any light, the colors obviously become bright and vibrant but the objects are made up of a block color from the limited color palate or they have a block color scheme with a lined texture to give it  shade effect which i think looks great. This Lined texture is also used for every other texture as well, but the density, thickness and direction changes depending on what the texture has been applied to. Now, if something is in darkness or limited light then the whole thing tends to be covered in the navy blue color with thin lines outlining key features of the object in the darkness. This effect is also applied to things that are behind walls or other objects that the artist still wanted to have visible such as the man in the scene that I screen captured. The lines that the artists have used are also really thin which looks nice with this style of art because if it was made up of thick lines then it wouldn’t have the same peacefulness and calmness that this animation has. I also

Overall I like this style of animation and art a lot and I intend to create my own animation using a style similar to the one giant and has used in this animation and like their other animations to.


The stop Motion Animation below is an animation about a charity shoes company. The Company is called Toms and the concept behind it is that every time you buy a pair of shoes from them, they donate a pair of shoes to people in poverty. Because it’s a stop motion animation Giant Ant studio either works entirely or almost entirely with digital programs to make their animations.

The style in this stop motion animation is a lot like the previous one but there is a lot more detail to it and the change of scenes have a lot nicer flow to them, and personally it’s more fun to watch. The animation shows the story of the company, from the very beginning where they show how they came up with the idea, to the end showing what they have evolved into. The art style is similar in the way the color scheme is very similar, the way the people are drawn have same elements as well, the general way the scenery and background is drawn and portrayed is very similar as well. but there are more complex textures and scenes in this animation which makes it quite impressive. The two animations also seem to have similar color palettes. The previous animation had those washed and faded reds, yellows and other colors that they used for backgrounds, skies, seas and other scenery. But then they had a few select colors that they used for the people and other objects which was a bold, yellow, red and navy blue. The second animation which is the one below had the same or a very similar faded and washed set of background colors then they had different specific colors which were a turquoise green blue and a red.

I’m also inspired by how the artists and Giant Ant have used textures to add life to their animations. To me it looks like they have created their textures or used textures that have been made using basic art tools. The some landscapes, walls and boxes have textures that look like have been made using brush marks and when they use details they’ve either used pencil/pen markings which they’ve faded or they’ve implemented digitally using either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Another example where I like their use of textures is in the image below. The edges of the pin board and part of the hand have quite a nice gritty texture  which I think I could recreate using either sand, a sponge or a dried up paint brush which I could dap onto a page. I’ll propably use these methods to create a similar texture and if it turns out well I’ll propably use it for my stop motion animation.

In this animation Giant Ant uses lines differently to the previous animation. In this animation there isn’t a lot of solo lines but instead most scenes are made up of blocks of colors and tones which are then texturized. When there is separated thin lines, they are used to add detail for a close up shot of a face, a pair of hands or in the sketch book which they use a lot. My favourite thing about this animation is how they have made the scenes change because it all flows very nicely together. I’d like mine to do that although that could be a lot more time consuming compared to doing it like how they did it in the previous animation where they simply changed to a blank screen that had a fact written on it.

Overall, I think Giant Ants work is amazing and I’d like to create a style a lot like theirs although it might be a lot more difficult for me to do this as I’m a beginner to After Effects and the whole stop motion animation scene.  sdf



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