Project Proposal




UAL Awarding Body – Level 3 Extended Diploma


Unit 13/14 – Project Proposal





Robert Pye

Candidate Number


Graphic Design
Project Title From A to B


Section 1: Review 
Over the course of this year I have learnt and developed a wide range of skills. I have improved my knowledge and use of Adobe Creative Suite working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Lightroom which have been the most beneficial to my desired pathway. I have also learnt how to produce Photograms, Chemigrams, Screen Prints, Mono prints and relief prints. I have enjoyed all the graphic design workshops, developing outcomes like in the Craig and Karl workshop or developing my understanding of the design process within the Open studio workshop.


An area for personal development is my time management, I often struggle to get my evaluation done to the best of my ability for the deadline.


I aim to develop my knowledge of Adobe After Effects and understanding of motion graphics. I have never used After Effects before and it would be a good programme to understand. Developing an understanding of how motion graphics can be used to communicate a message will be beneficial for my portfolio and CV.


Section 2: Project Concept 

The title of my project will be “From A to B”, and the subject of my project will explore the effects of short journeys that are under 2 miles and the benefits of people choosing to use alternative methods of transport such as cycling or walking. I’ve chosen to base my FMP on the car emissions because it is a major worldwide issue because car emissions are a huge contributor to global warming and the decline of public health. I intend to research the subject thoroughly gathering statistics from national and global surveys and primary source information on the average the number of short journeys people I know make. I will analyse the information to find out how much CO2 is produced, the cost to the individual and long term health implications of continued travel in this way.

My specialist area is Graphic Design, I have chosen to explore a new area of graphic communication developing a motion graphics campaign. I will be using Adobe After Effects alongside Photoshop and Illustrator. I will be researching artists and designers who have created motion graphic work using this software, for example design agency Giant Ant who recently worked with Costa. I will also make use of online tutorials and tutor led workshops to develop my understanding of After Effects. Throughout the project I will follow the design process, gathering feedback from a wide range of individuals including students and staff from the film course to ensure my final concept is successful.


Section 3: Evaluation 

Throughout the project I will record all evidence of work I produce on my blog and at the end of each stage of this project I will deliver a presentation reflecting on the work I have done and explaining how I intend to progress. During the development stage I will produce samples, experimental outcomes and ideas, I will gather feedback from peer to understand how I could improve my work overall. At the end of the project I will exhibit my final motion graphics in the Summer Exhibition where I will deliver a final presentation about the project overall. At this stage I will write a project evaluation, reflecting on my work and exhibition space.


Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)                                  
  • Abbot Hall
  • Tate Gallery
  • FACT Gallery
  • Walker Gallery
  • Brewery Arts Center
  • Elliot Lim
  • Giant Ant Studio
  • Vimeo
  • Behance
  • BBC
  • Independent
  • Google
  • Youtube








Project Action Plan and Timetable
Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it –

including access to workshops

1 7/03


Create mind-maps and start with initial ideas
2 14/03


Start with potential project ideas and start with artist research. Internet+ PC
3 21/03


Write out project proposal, research artists, prepare and present presentation Internet+ PC
Easter Wk1 28/03 After Effects tutorials and give out surveys PC+ printer+ internet
Easter Wk2 4/04 After Effects tutorials and gather data from surveys PC+ internet
4 11/04


Introduction to development brief, plan and set targets for this project stage, attend workshops, Practical samples 1+2 PC+ Adobe Software+ Internet
5 18/04


Discuss progress and attend several workshops and develop on what I have done in those workshops. Practical samples 3+4 PC+ Adobe Software+ Internet
6 25/04


Attend workshop and create practical sample 5, create and Present development presentation

PC+ Adobe Software+ Internet



7 2/05 Introduction to exhibition brief, Plan out the next three weeks and set targets.


PC+ Adobe Software+ Internet
8 9/05 Create final animation/piece


PC+ Adobe Software+ Internet
9 16/05


Finish off final piece/animation, create and present Exhibition presentation. PC+ Adobe Software+ Internet
10 23/05 Plan out and paint my exhibition space and plan out when to install my and everybody else’s work with group Access to exhibition space+ my group
Half term
11 06/06 Write out what is going to go alongside you exhibition piece and install work with tutors and technicians Access to exhibition space+ PC+ Final piece
12 13/06 Complete blog, evaluation and my exhibition space review. PC+ internet+ access to exhibition space




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