Elliot Lim

Elliot Lim is a freelance director, graphic designer, and animator and has worked with companies in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The work that I’m interested in is his animated work as I want to produce an animation for my exhibition and FMP.

The three videos are samples of his work. The first is based on the TV show “The Wire” and even though I haven’t watched any of this show, the animation that he has created is really interesting. the animations usually have a smooth flow to it and one part of the scene will be adapted and turned into a different scene. For example, the scene could change by quickly zooming in on an eye, then going through the eye into a whole new scene like a portal. He also usually has a specific art style and color scheme for each animation. His Wire animation, is about drug dealers and the police force and so he used a very bleak and dull color scheme which relates to the areas that this kind of activity happens such as run down housing outskirts of cities which are can quite miserable places.

In the Ritz Carlton Reserve he uses a simplistic style of art and uses much brighter and more pleasant colors which portray what he wanted to get across. The animation is for a company that own holiday villas across the world and so the aim would be to make The Ritz Carlton Reserve the best place to go on holiday, Elliot Lim has done this by making it look like the best adventure of anybody’s life by making scenes of cave exploring, canoeing in jungles, diving in mediterranean waters and many other scenes. In this animation he doesn’t add much detail to his characters or scenery which gives the scenes a much more relaxing feel to them as they aren’t over complicated.

His third animation that I have put in this blog post is a very simple piece and is more about helping me see what I can do with After Effects. The animation is called “Fun With Shapes” and it’s basically different animations that he has created with simplistic shapes. The animation has the same steady paced flow to it like all his animations do and the whole thing is much more simplistic as there is a lot less too look because there are only several shapes on the screen at a time. As the animation he changes the color scheme depending on what the shapes are doing. the different stages tend to remind me of something because of the way the shapes are laid out and the colors he uses. For example at the 0:11 mark to me the shapes look like a map and the circles are places on a map. at 0:15-0:20 the circle movements and sounds look like a DJ Mixer and 00:21-0:25 looks like a retro tetris like game.

What I like about his animations is how he goes from one scene to the next. The flow of his animations are also good and how some of the scenes are laid out in multiple floors and layers and how the animation moves down those floors and through the layers. I’m also really inspired by how he chooses his colors and how he uses them, For example, in “Fun With Shapes” the change of colors completely changes the look and feel of the scene. The way he uses shapes I’m also really interested in, Like in his “The Wire” animation you can see that a lot of the scenery and background is made up of quadrilateral shapes which which to me remind me of the way American streets and all very grid like when looked at from above. I also like how his use of shapes colors and music gives a violent feel to the animation and also a little bit mysterious which really makes me want to watch this show and this properly goes for other people that watch this animation.

For my animation I’m thinking of creating something that is a bit like “The Wire” and “Fun With Shapes” merged together but with much more nicer colors than “The Wire” but more complicated and longer than “Fun With Shapes”. But I’d like to have the same flow and cleanness to my animation that Elliot Lim has in his animations. Overall I’d really like to create a piece like his work but with my own touch to it.


One thought on “Elliot Lim”

  1. FMP – 16/03/16

    Aiming to develop a info graphic animation to promote the benefits of walking or cycling for short journeys under 2 miles instead of driving.
    Reserach required -http://www.sustrans.org.uk/news/ditch-car-short-trips-and-save-nearly-£300-year

    *Research post on the number of people who drive short journeys, what are the effects of driving short distances, what impact on society would it have if those short journeys were walked or cycled?

    *What are the long term benefits of people changing their habits for travelling.

    *Who is the target audience for the animation, is there a particular age group that drive more than others?

    *Primary research, collect data for your own and others driving habits for a weekly period. Place Facebook.

    Artist research and review –

    *Research Giant Ant Studio, review their work with Costa



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