FMP Ideas

My first Initial ideas are down in mind-map form in the image below. In the mind map I came up with three base ideas that I can develop from.

My first idea is that I create a set of promotional branding such as posters and social media banners and logos for a movie, film festival or a music event/festival. The problem with this idea is that it needs to be made for an actual existing event that will be used to achieve that top grade and I’ll most likely be using programs and software that I’m already familiar with such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator so It won’t be all that challenging. So to get that Distinction I’ll need to find an event that I can create content for and use software that would make it a learning experience which will be difficult to do.

My second idea was to create menus, pamphlets, re-design websites, signs/posters, business cards for the restaurants and cafe that I already work for. It’ll be connected to me and it’ll be challenge to get all that work done but I’m not too passionate on that Idea as I am on the other two Ideas. I also be using the same software that I’ve been working with recently and on past projects so that aspect won’t be challenging or new to me.

My third and final idea is to create my own animated CV using After Effects. In my opinion this is one of my better ideas as it’ll be extremely useful for me if its good enough so that I could actually use it when It comes to applying to a graphic design related job. I’d also be using a software that is completely foreign to me so it’ll be a new learning experience and hopefully contribute to getting a better grade. If i do come up with any new ideas they’ll be based around working with after effects as that is something i’ve never used before.IMG_2639



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