Project brief


For this project we will be given the opportunity to work within our specialisms and to write our own project brief and proposal. we’ll be able to create a range of 2D or 3D work relate to our specialist areas. The work that we create is for the 2016 9th June art show which is being held in the allen building. We’ll need to do secondary research for visual inspiration using sources such as pinterest, art galleries, Museums, books, magazines etc. But we’ll also have to so some Primary research as well which could be from photography, interviews, observational drawings, objects. I intend to go onto doing graphic design at university so I want to develop my skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. We’re working towards unit 13 for this 3 week project.but we won’t be completing to whole unit in that time. The deadline for this 3 week project is on Thursday 24th of March and we’ll have to have our blogs finished in that time and be able to present a presentation on what we have done in those three weeks.


                                 UAL Awarding Body

Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art & Design


Assignment Title

FMP – Research

Unit No & Title

Unit 13 â€“ Project proposal and realisation in Art & Design

Level & Credit Value

Level 3, 180GLH

Assignment Leader

Mike Howard

Assignment Verifier

Sorrel Stratford

Start Date


Interim Assessment/Peer Review

24/03/16 (Work to this date)

Assessment Date


Learning Outcomes: At the end of the project brief the learner will

1. Be able to initiate and develop an art & design project proposal.

2. Be able to use research, analysis and evaluation to develop solutions for an art & design project.

4. Be able to plan, organise and produce an art & design project.


The aim of this project is to enable you to generate a range of 2D or 3D work relating to your chosen specialism. This project should be independently led producing a range of work for a subject that interests you, the work you produce should focus on the whole development process including research, experimentation, development and final outcome.

For the FMP you have the opportunity to specialise and write your own project brief. The project will end with the summer show on Thursday 9th June which will be held within the Allen Building. The exhibition will be part of your assessment so should be a consideration throughout the project. You will need to allocate time towards the end of the project to prepare your own exhibition space to ensure your work is presented to the highest standard.

For the FMP project you will be given 3 project briefs with strict deadlines, these will be Research, Development and Exhibition assignments. The separate deadlines are given to help you structure your project, to ensure you make good use of your time, produce detailed and thorough work that meets the assessment criteria on time for the summer exhibition opening.

Throughout the project you will need to evidence all the work you do on WordPress with the category FMP.  For the interim assessment you will be required to plan, structure and deliver a research presentation to a small group, using Powerpoint or Prezi on Thursday 24th March.

Suggested Research (include visits /reading lists / websites etc)


Assessment Guidance: 

Within this project you will produce an exciting, creative piece of artwork based on subject of your choice. As a group we will explore techniques to develop ideas and samples and you will get the opportunity to develop individual ideas which will be presented within your final presentation.

Assessment Criteria



1.1 Use critical and contextual perspectives to initiate a personal self-directed art and design project proposal.


  • You will produce a mind map to examine and analyse a range of subject areas you could explore for your FMP.
  • You will need to examine the project you have been set and write a project outline.
  • You will be involved in activities exploring potential project subjects, linked to your personal interests.
  • You will need to analyse the information gathered, explaining how it could be use to develop a project project.

1.2 Use analysisand evaluation to clarify and develop a personal self-directed art and design project proposal.


  • You will need to producecontextual research, exploring you project theme in detail using a range of sources. 
  • You will need to research the work of artists or designers, analysing the work they produce and linking to your own project development. This will include the Liverpool trip.
  • You will be involved in a peer critique and review session, gathering input on the ideas and subjects you have explored. This will need to be evidenced on your blog.
  • You will need to use your research to inform your project proposal that provides a clear explanation of your chosen specialism and creative direction.

2.1 Use research to support the development of a personal self-directed art and design project.


  • You will need to gather secondary source visual inspiration, using sites like Pinterest, books, library resources, museums.
  • You will need to gather primary source visual inspiration, this may include photography, observational drawing, interviews, found objects etc

2.2 Use analytical and evaluative skills to develop creative solutions to realise a personal self-directed art and design project.


  • Produce a mid-project research evaluation, that analyses the information you have gathered.
  • Use research to inform initial ideas, evidenced through rough sketches, collage etc.
  • You are required to plan and deliver a Presentation, that discusses the ideas you have explored, your chosen project proposal, artist research and contextual research you have gathered.

4.1 Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and produce a personal self-directed art and design project within an agreed time-frame.


  • You will be required to organise your time effectively, producing an overview project plan for your independent project.
  • You will be required to produce weekly, more detailed plans that reflect on the previous weeks learning, setting targets that challenge and push your project forawrd.


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