1. I made this piece during a 6 week project about Modern Day Icons. Freddie Mercury was my chosen icon and I based the design around the Constructivist art movement that originated in Russia 1919. I used a screen printing method to create the image of Freddie Mercury and then used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the rest of the art work and to bring it all together.


2. This was one of my first ever pieces during my art course. Our college was given the task to create the promotional media for the Northern Exposure Short Film Competition and this was my entry. I only used Photoshop for this piece and used a very limited color scheme along with quite basic shapes and layers to try keep a simplistic feel to the poster and to not make it too overwhelming.

3. The three images below are a few examples of test logos that I created. Our art course was asked to create the promotional branding and social media content for our end of year art exhibition. So I made a A2 sheet of different brush marks and different prints from different objects such as palate knifes, cardboard, cutlery etc. I then scanned the print and selected the area I wanted. Then edited the print in Photoshop, changing things such as saturation, contrasts and white balance levels to get the effect I wanted. I then placed a layer of text over the top using a font called “Lemon Milk”.  The second example happened to be the logo that we chose to use to develop further and eventually use in the exhibition branding.2Untitled-3


4. This Long board is the outcome of my FMP project which was our end of year project essentially. I used inks for this piece, fine liners and a long board which I sanded down to give me a clean canvas to work with. I tested with a variation of colors and stencils to get to this final outcome. I wanted to create something bright, bold and just something that caught peoples attention so I used vibrant colors and sharp edges to give off the effect that I desired.IMG_2463

5. This drawing was something I made in my spare time during my first year at Art college. During that time I was into sci-fi and fictional soldiers so I drew a helmet of one of the characters from a game that I used to play when I was younger called halo. I used graphite pencils on an A3 piece of paper to create this drawing. Before going into graphic design I loved creating drawings like these of whatever I was watching, reading or doing at the time.


6. I made this print during an etching workshop where we were given sheets of very thin metallic foil that was backed onto card to create prints. At the time we were making art work for an event that was celebrating the Comics Art Festival in Kendal so I create this A5 piece of the Joker using simple etching tools, a scalpel and black ink. cyrsis-2-helmet

7. The piece above is another piece I did during my spare time using graphic paint pens. I chose to make this piece to experiment which different medias as I was wanting to move away from pencils . Even though its not my best work of art, I was really happy with the outcome for my first piece using these pens.final piece

8. This is the Final outcome for a project that I did during my second year on my level 3 Art and Design course. I used a variation of printing techniques using different materials and methods to create two prints that can be seen in the piece. I also used Photoshop to edit some images and to bring the whole thing together.2

9.This is a test piece I created for a project during my second year of  my Level 3 Art and Design course. I took a movie still from the film “Drive” and highlighted the areas that I wanted to show using mono printing. I then took a scan of it and then added all the colors and shapes using Photoshop. 01

10. This is the Final outcome of a graphic design workshop I participated in. The theme of the workshop was based on the graphic design artists Craig and Karl and this is my interpretation of their art style using and image of Samuel L. Jackson from the movie “Pulp Fiction” which I mostly used Illustrator to create. IMG_2464

11. I also made this piece during my spare time. This is a more recent drawing that I drew earlier this year and the drawing is of a character called “Penguin” from the Gotham T.V show. I only used graphite pencils for the drawing on A3 paper


12. These four pieces are four of my favorite pieces of work that I have made during my art course. I used a laser cutter to cut out stencils of the animals footprints, then took images of those actual animals and then took a photo of them using a photo gram method. Each Photo took about 4-6 seconds of light for the photo paper to pick up enough light so that the detail of the animals can be seen but not enough light that it got picked up through the paper of the stencils and therefore ruining the photos.

Reference images and links:




(Midnight Movies) Drive and Bridesmaids Reviews





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