Test Piece 2

These pieces are part of my second idea for a final piece. I wanted to create something with a similar style to the poster below which was made in a Constructivism art movement way. I took the concept of the cat with the white outline and applied it to the Freddie Mercury screen print that I made. I also wanted to make something similar as he the way the artist displayed his text, especially the “RAWr” part. I made to white sections which were made to look like they were being emitted from the Freddie Mercury print, and filled in the space with a text of one of his quotes. I took a normal block text from “DaFont” and edited it in illustrator to make it fit in the space that I had made. I do like the concept of the idea but I didn’t execute it very well. I tried experimenting with different colors for the text and its outline, also with the sunburst effect that I placed in the background but I didn’t like any of the outcomes. I don’t like the outcome of any of designs for a few reasons; sometimes the colors didn’t look great together, the text didn’t turn out very well as it was just too random and distorted, there also wasn’t a whole lot going on in the design, basically it wasn’t interesting enough. After finishing these test pieces and coming to the conclusion that they weren’t good enough I decided to go back to the first design and develop that which is what I did.asdsasdfgggdfdgfsasdsaUntitled 4asasd

345345Untitled 3gggdfdgfsUntitled 4


One thought on “Test Piece 2”

  1. Rob your blog and practical work has been excellent for the Modern Day Icon project this term. You have missed the deadline for your evaluation, you will need to complete a project evaluation so your project can be assessed by Thursday 18th Feb.



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