Creating The Final Piece

These are my developments from the previous test piece, which is the first picture below. Two things that I changed straight away, which I think definitely improved the poster, are the color change from yellow to an orange and I added another layer of silhouetted hands in front of Freddie Mercury. After these changes I made a few other changes which I wasn’t so sure about, so for two of the changes I kept and for one of the changes I didn’t bother keeping.


The first alteration I made was in the sun burst area. I changed where the epicentre of the burst was to the horizon of the silhouetted hands. Personally I couldn’t decide which one had the best effects, but after getting feedback from classmates and my tutor that the horizon design looked better I chose to stick with that design.

For the next minor experiment I implemented more layers of the silhouetted hands, one more red layer and a black layer but I really didn’t like how it looked once I had put the new layers. It looked too crowded for a design that is supposed to be a more simplistic design and not have big and complicated elements to it so I went back to just what I had before which was three layers.

For the next bit of experimenting I got rid of the white that filled in some of the gaps on Freddie Mercury and I instantly prefered it without the white but I asked a few people for their opinions and they agreed with me so I kept the changes.

These three images below are the test results from testing out different paper textures. I applied by applying the overlay option and then changing the the Levels option to make it darker, brighter or to make the texture more faded or bold. Out of the three designs I prefered the second one the most so i’m using that one as my final piece. I’m not choosing the first design because the texture is no way clear enough and it was impossible to make it stand out without ruining the whole thing. The third design does look better than the first design but it’s a little too bright and I think that the texture that I used for the second design looks far better. This is because the texture in the second design stands out just enough to make the piece look more interesting, it also made the design a fair bit darker but not dark enough to ruin anything. Although I might try making the whole thing a bit brighter too try and optimize the piece as much as possible.







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