Individual Work, First Test Pieces

For my first test pieces, I took the Constructivism poster that is the first picture below and created a poster in a similar style and format. Instead of having the fist as the focus point of the poster, I had Freddie Mercury, air punching instead which kind of represents the fist from the original poster. I replaced the black cityscape that’s in the background with a silhouette of a crowd of hands in the air. I also used the foreground concept but replaced the date with Freddie Mercury’s birth to death dates, I also put in one of his famous quotes and his name.


For these test pieces I used photoshop to get some certain elements and images perfect and I used Illustrator to bring all those elements together into one poster. The first layer is the sun burst effect that is behind everything else and its epicenter is Freddie Mercury’s hand which I made using the eclipse tool with strokes turned on. The second set of layers is the hands that are in the background. I simply took the image and deleted the area that was unwanted using the magic wand and eraser tool, and then exported it to use in illustrator.

For the text I used a font that I downloaded off of “DaFonts”, which was called  Once I had the main poster I played around with some of the layers to see what would look better. First I made the sun burst effect more dense and that made it look more interesting in my opinion. I also tried changing up the colors within the text from the yellow to black, and again, I think black text looked better than the red and yellow text as it made it stand out more.

Untitled 8834543t43rerwt423423

The image that is above is the end product of these test pieces. I really like the foreground where the text is as the shapes and the text all fit together and the text is quite a blocky text so it fits in well with the surrounding area. I do like the silhouetted hands but they have an outline which ruins it so I need to go back and redo that section without the outline. I don’t like how low down the hands are, so when I edit this piece I’m going to move the hands up so they at least reach past his head and i’m then going to implement another layer of silhouetted hands that’ll be in front of Freddie Mercury but still be behind the foreground of text. I also think that it’ll look better without the white areas that are in and around Freddie Mercury so I’m going to get rid of those to test whether it’ll look better without them or not. Another thing that I want to change is the color of the yellow to a more orange color and maybe do the same with the red but instead make it  a little bit darker. The last thing I want to do is add a texture to the whole thing to hopefully give it a much older look.



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