Independent Work (IDW) Screen Printing

For this screen print I wanted to do something different from Andy Warhol Mick Jagger’s screen prints. I wanted to do a screen print where the blocks of colors stay within the figures shape so the first stencil was of Freddie Mercury’s yellow jacket, the second stencil was of any skin and hair, so basically just his hands and head. the third stencil was for all the black space and detail that I want to show up; so eyes, eyebrows, dark parks of the hair, shadowy part of the hand, inside his jacket and creases on either side of his arm which aren’t there on the real image but I needed to implement those black lines so its visible as to where the arm actually is.807526-freddie-mercury-wallpaperIMG_2336IMG_2337IMG_2338When it came to choosing the colors that I was going to use for the stencils I decided that I was going to stick with the actual color of his jacket which is yellow but I think the yellow that I used for the screen print is a fair bit brighter then the original but in my opinion it still looks good. For the second stencil I couldn’t decide whether to use a realistic color such as a pink or light brown or use an abstract color like blue or purple. But scene as though I always had the option to change the color in photoshop I decided to go with purple just to see whether it’d work out well or not. As for the third layer which was detail I stuck with black as there is no better color to use.IMG_2339IMG_2352IMG_2353

The final outcome of the screen print is the picture above. I created four in total and this is the one that turned out the best. I like how the yellow and black turn out but I don’t like the look of the purple that I used for the head and hand. This is because the black and purple are have tones which are far too similar, they don’t contrast enough and so they blend together too much which is the opposite of what I wanted. On the plus side, The look of the black against the yellow looks good to me as the yellow has a much brighter tone so they contrast against each other really well. I pretty much covered the whole figure with the stencils but I did leave his T-shirt out of all of them because in the original image its a white T-shirt so I thought it might look good if I simply left it and let it blend in with the background.

What I also like about the outcome of the screen print is how clear the lines came out on the paper. For a majority of the design the lines are sharp, clear and clean, although in some places the paint oozed underneath the stencil where the stencil must have creased, causing the paint to spread outside of the area where it was supposed to stay. I think the composition of the whole thing came together quite well but in some places the stencils didn’t quite line up perfectly, therefore leaving white spaces or overlaps.

When I took the print into the photoshop I took care of the purple stencil first by using the magic wand tool to get rid of the purple color as quickly as possible which I then replaced with a much more normal pink. Next I went along all the edges which and eraser to clean up all the edges where the paint had spread too far and out of the stencil’s outline. Next I filled in all the white spaces where the wasn’t supposed to be any with the colors that were supposed to be there. I had to do this because the stencils didn’t white line up with each other therefore leaving white gaps. I also went over the black areas with a paint brush tool to fill in the black areas that hadn’t quite been fully filled in by the screen print paint.

This was all the editing that I had time to do in the session but I was really happy with the outcome of the design. Although it still looks a bit bland as there are no textures in the design so in a future session I’m going to experiment with different textures to see if they have a positive effect on the design or not.

freddie screen print



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