Open studio logo ideas

For the Thursday activity we carried on working on our logos that we had started last week. First we were given an A3 piece of paper and a wide selection of paints, inks and tools to create whatever marks and patterns onto the sheet. I just stuck with green and blues for this too keep it simple, quick and uncomplicated. I used a selection of tools such as forks, spoons, palate knifes and brushes but when I came to creating the logos I only used two sections and I solely used a wide brush for these marks. Those two sections that I chose to use for further use in the logos, I cropped out and are the second and third images below.

mark experimentscolored brush markscolored brush marks 2

After I had selected the areas I wanted to work with I then took those sections into photoshop so that I could play around with the colors of the brush marks which I can’t do in illustrator. I also downloaded quite a basic font off of “DaFont” which I used as my text for these first logo designs. I cropped down the background brush marks and altered they’re colors by changing the “Hue” settings in image settings. Out of these initial four designs I preferred the fourth design which I actual didn’t edit the Hue of because the colors simply look nicer together then the other three designs and it also seems more focused then the other designs.

although I like the fourth one the most, I don’t like any of the designs. The font is too thin and doesn’t take up enough space so for the next load of designs I used a font that is a lot bolder. In the second and third designs I made the background consist of a darker and a lighter blue but the obvious problem is that the the black font is difficult to see against the darker blue. I also don’t like the combination of any of the colors as they don’t feel like they would suit the “Art Exhibition”, so for the next lot of designs I decided to work in solely colors texts and images.

Open studio

Out of the last designs I did like the background brush mark, which is directly below so I did take that away from the otherwise disastrous first attempts. For the four designs below I stuck with a font called Lemon Milk which is one of my favorite fonts because of its simplicity, sharp edges and boldness. For the first design I simply took the text and copied it twice but had one black and one white to give a 3D reversed shadow effect. I put the black text in front of the white text because the dark text would blend into the background too much if it was behind the white text so to make them both clearly visible I did them in this order.

In the second and third design I wanted to use the dark brush marks and the white gap that is left between the brush marks. Although In the third design, I made the the white text and its background negative just by highlighting the text which I really liked the effect of and I want to do this again but instead I want to make the whole image negative and see if that looks better. In the fourth design I wanted to distort the image slightly so I sliced the image in half and moved one side slightly to give them a slant.

What I like about these designs is the contrast in the shades of the background. Because I used different colored paints the brush mark has different tones blended into it which makes it look a lot more interesting than if there was just one color or if it had no toning at all. I also really like the look the plain white and black text looks against the background because the text is bold, sharp and the contrast in the tones are huge making the text really stand out.brush markop3open studio 3Open studio 2OP@


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