Modern Day Icon Project Planner

What have you enjoyed so far about the project?

So far I have enjoyed a big majority of the project, especially the graphic design and the screen printing workshops. This is mainly because I’m really interested in graphic design as a whole so anything within that subject I enjoyed. But I enjoyed the workshops in this project specifically because we were taught interesting new methods, for example, in the Craig and Karl workshop we were shown a new way to create patterns using any combination of lines of shapes in any density and size we wanted, which became very useful when used with clipping masks.

What medium do you want to experiment with?

I want to experiment with a combination of a medias such as paints and screen printing which I then want to scan into Adobe Illustrator of Photoshop to experiment more with and give the prints a Constructivist theme. I want to experiment with screen printing because it is a nice way to re-create an image that is also really easy to edit and alter in an Adobe software because the screen print consists of block colors which will be simple to separate from each other and therefore easier to edit separately.

What techniques would you like to learn or develop further?

Seen as though I want to use screen printing at first along with Adobe suites but I’m still pretty inexperienced when it comes to screen printing, I want to develop that skill the most at first. I’d also like to improve my understanding and my range of knowledge about the Adobe softwares.

What work are you going to look at for inspiration?

I’m going to carry on looking into the Constructivism movement as they have inspired some of my work so far and I really like the style of the graphic design work that was produced within the movement.

Do you need any additional support from tutors or technicians?

Possibly when it comes down to technical problems within Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

What equipment will you need?

I’ll need an A3 scanner and printer, cutting mat and scalpel, a range of acrylic or screen printing paints, a screen printer, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

What do you want to produce by the end of the week?

I would’ve liked to of completed several screen prints and have taken them into Illustrator to create a digital piece based on the Constructivism movement. IMG_2335



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