Screen Printing

For this activity we were taught and experimented with screen printing and then combined the prints with mono-printing. The main purpose of this workshop was to create our own multi-layered screen prints and then to add an layer via mono-print over the top. The workshop was based on Andy Warhol’s screen prints that he did of Mick Jagger.


First we created three stencils of whoever are icon was and for me it was Albert Einstein. For the stencil I printed of the image below four times, one for each layer and the fourth one for the mono-print. The first and second layer were the two colored layers, these were the base layers and I decided one to cover a big majority of the face and the second was of the eyes and the surrounding area.  The third layer was for anything that we wanted to be black so key features such as the eyes, hair, mustache and other features.

Once we had the stencils we then went onto the printing and a few mistakes we’re noticeable once I had made the prints. For example the lines of the blue print are very wavy which was caused when the stencil creased and caused it to distort the print. But when I was cutting out the stencil I probably didn’t keep the line straight so next time I’ll need to use a ruler to get that edge I want.

I didn’t go into a lot of detail with these pieces as I was mainly using them as a test piece as I have never done screen printing before. In the next pieces that I make I want to go into more detail with the hair and facial features with the black ink as with these pieces there is almost no detail where there should be and where the lines should be more curved and wavy, they are too straight, the hair is a good example of this. I also don’t like how the colors that I chose collided together. I used blue and a bright pink color but when I applied the pink over the blue it turned out as a purple which I don’t like the look of. Whether it would’ve looked better with pink, I don’t know but in the next pieces I’m going to chose a different color palate anyway as I think pink and blue don’t work well together anyway.702_1433440833_alberteinsteinb




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