Time trial activety

For this lesson we were given the task to create a piece of art based on the icon that we have already chosen, within a random time frame. The amount of time was decided by drawing out of a hat and we all had the same time frame. We could create the art in any form we wanted so I chose to create a majority of mine within Adobe illustrator.

The first time frame was 2 minutes and so there was no time to make detailed alterations, so I went into photoshop and placed the image below into the program. I then made a few adjustments, the first one was I Posterized the image and set the number of layers to 5-6, I then upped the contrast and upped the saturation. I probably went over the top with the saturation but there was no time to correct it.

FMPosterized FreddieThe next time frame we were given 40 minutes which gave us a lot more options to what we could do. I went back to one  of the first Constructivism pieces I saw and used it as inspiration for the piece I did within the 40 minutes. I used illustrator for this piece as I was going to be working with shapes for almost all of the time and I find it easier to do that in illustrator. The only other thing that I had to use was the pen tool to crop Freddie Mercury from the original image which didn’t take long but if I had more time i could’ve been more clean with the pen tool and the crop. I took the color scheme I had used in the Craig and Karl workshop and used it for this piece which is based on the Constructivism colors. I also used the basic concept of using a circles to encase the the main feature and use a cone shape to hold the text. I also took the idea of using white lines to surround all the shapes which helps emphasizes the center mostly. After I had completed all the shapes I wanted to add a bit of typography like in the Constructivist poster but I was unable to find a decent bold text and enough text to fill up the area.


The next time frame we were given 20 minutes which wasn’t ideal as i couldn’t really go into much detail but i tried to keep it in the theme of Constructivism. I used an image where Freddie Mercury air punches and it reminded me of one of the posters that I saw while researching constructivism. So I took the basic layout of the poster and applied it into illustrator but I didn’t want to use the same colors as in the poster because I’ve used those colors before in a previous piece piece and it turned out really bad so I stuck with he colors that I have been using for previous pieces. I also took the concept from the previous poster by lining the main shapes with a white border which turned out well. Although I don’t like the overall outcome of the piece as it looks far too simple. I also didn’t have time to add any text to it so it ended up look quite boring and the shapes look empty.

freddy-mercury-wallpaperrussian_constructivism_by_justunoFMI 2



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