Rodchenko and Shepard Fairey

Rodchenko was a Russian Artist who was part of the Constructivism movement. He mostly created propaganda posters in the form of photo montages along with a fair bit of typography which is typically in Russian and their main purpose is supposed to be intellectual/politically

Most of his work consists of geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and quadrilaterals and then there’ll be a cropped photo usually of a person withing the montage and this person will be the focus. He mostly uses colors such as reds, black, and whites but in some of his work he uses greens and blues to. The lines that he uses in his work are mostly, straight, thick, bold, sharp and clean. For example in the first two images below he has almost every shape and element of the montage surrounded by a thick white line that separates each section from each other. He also doesn’t use many textures and in some of his work he uses none at all but all of his work has that old worn feel to it but whether that is on purpose I don’t know. In most of his work there are no real texture s and he leaves it as bold block colors.

What I like about his work is his use of contrasting colors and shades like in the second image he uses a particularly bold red color and quite a bright turquoise color which I think work really well together. I do like his work but some of his work, I think, can be quite boring, like not enough is happening on the page. If I were to re create this style I would at least add a texture to the different sections to give it more character.000000000000

Shepard Fairey is a American, Contemporary graphic designer who is famous for his “Andre the giant has a posse” sticker campaign and more recently his hand in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Most of his work is of significant people or of somebody famous and sometimes his work can be quite controversial. His work is mostly built up of a limited amount of colours and shades of those colors. In his work he usually only uses two different colors apart from black and white within his work and These colors generally appear to be either red, orange or blue. The lines within his work are a completely different to the ones in Rodchenko’s work. In Fairey’s work he rarely uses straight lines apart from in the text and he uses straight lines to create a tonal effect. Although every thing else is sharp and bold ¬†making in easy to distinguish to different sections and shades of the images. Shepard Fairey also never uses textures on his work, his work is always made up of plain, bold blocks of color so they look quite simplistic and this is what I like about his work the most. I really like this style of work so i intend to test with the style while trying to merge it a constructivism theme.




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