Iconic people activity and slide show

000For this activity we came up with lots of different icons as a group and placed them within a category based on what their area of expertise or influence was in. We had a category for each of the courses for Kendal College so we could get every bodies opinion. The link below is all the categories that we made and all the people that we placed within those categories.

When we were coming up with the icons we were given a set of questions to answer when filling out the icon’s profile. Once we had came up with enough iconic people we then split into groups of three and had the categories split between the groups. We then discussed within our groups who we thought were the 3 most iconic and influential people out of all the people within the category. Once we had selected our three Iconic people we then went onto creating a slide show and a survey.

We did this activity so that we can create a survey that we could send to the college students so that we can find out who is the most iconic person in their eyes. Once we know who the target audience prefers the most, we’ll have an idea which iconic person or persons we can use for our project.

Working as a group for this activity was more useful and convenient because it meant we could collect more information about more people faster and it also meant that we had a second and a third opinion when it came to choosing which three iconic people were the most influential for our specific category.

Our group was given the Applied science category and in the first set of images below are all of the people that were placed within that category. We had to choose three people, so we chose; Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. At first I wanted to Nikola Tesla instead of Neil Armstrong because I felt he contributed more to science in general. But after disusing it with the group we decided that Neil Armstrong is by far more iconic and famous then Tesla. We also picked Einstein and Hawking over the rest because we felt they are more famous scientists and influential then all the other people that were suggested.

In the slide show we basically answered all the questions that a shown in the image above apart from their educational background because we felt this was information students wouldn’t be interested in. Instead we mention some other achievements that they had made, something that effected their life or a famous quote that they are partially famous for.







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